Am I Gay for my boss?

My name is Bobby and I have a manager names Chris. My problem is that I'm married and I have to imaging myself being railed in the ass by my boss in order to get off. In fact, I have to plunge 2 fingers deep inside my a****** (my wife Melyssa doesn't know) and I think the fact of her seeing me do this would excite me more. Since my boss (and best friend) isn't gay; I think the only way I can satisfy this fantasy is to have my wife put a HUGE strap-on on and drill me while I call her Chris. Has anyone else ever had to ask their wife to do something like this? How do I go about asking.... please no bashing.

May 8, 2013

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  • If my husband asked me to put on a strap-on that would be the end lol. Most women find the idea of doing anything with a man's a****** absolutely gross. Just an FYI. Not to mention us women are not made to f*** that way, there's absolutely no appeal to a woman that isn't some dominatrix.

  • If you've never had a gay experience, you may be idealizing the act itself, without knowing what it's really like. I suggest going out to a gay bar (outside of your own city, if possible, for reputational reasons), letting yourself get picked up and taken by a man who knows what you need. Be open with him about your situation, your appetites and your fantasies. Gay men LOVE LOVE LOVE married guys, and most of them will treat you well and give you the introduction and soft-core treatment you need (the rest will simply bust that hot ass of yours wide open and abuse you, and they will use your marriage against you: read "blackmail"). Don't do anything with the wife or the boss, or tell either of them about your feelings or attractions, until you've figured out whether or not you really want what you think you want, and the only way to do that is to get with a man who knows how to give it. Good luck.

  • Just cause you like taking it up the ass doesn't make u gay. U like pegging but if its the boss u r focuses on than maybe its an infatuation. Do other guys turn u on? Pegging is not outside the norm. Just tell ur wife u want to experiment a little. I bet she'll be more than happy to ram u up the ass with a huge d****.

  • I have to agree. I know a dude named Bane that would give it to you... in an order that would surprise you!

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