Wife finally agreed

After years of trying to persuade my wife of 20 years to let another man f*** her,she finally agreed and now I can't stop thinking she enjoyed it too much. I arranged for a friend of mine who Beth my my wife knew vaguely to come to our house,I had explained to him what I had in mind and that Beth was all for it. When Dave arrived the conversation was a bit awkward at first,but after a few drinks we all started to relax,Dave was seated next to my wife on the sofa and I was in the chair opposite,I watched as he slowly rested his hand on Beth's leg it was such a strange feeling to see another man actually touch your wife.Then when she didn't try to move his hand he leaned forwards and began to nuzzle her neck,Beth's eyes were shut as his lips finally met hers and they started to kiss.I was surprised how eager she seemed he then slowly moved his hand up Beth's dress,I watched as if in a trance as he gently pulled her panties down,felt between her open legs and inserted a finger inside her.Beth was breathing heavily as he completely undressed her and I released my rigid c*** and watched the amazing scene,He quickly pulled his own clothes off and his stiff erection seemed a lot bigger than mine and I watched as he positioned himself between her open legs and guided his c*** into my wife,she let out a gasp as began to slide in and out of her soaking wet c***.I lasted about 1 minute and my come was shooting out,Dave however kept up his steady rhythm as my c*** began to soften and a feeling of real jealousy hit me,but what could I do this had been my fantasy for years as I watched him speed up Beth began to groan and I knew Dave was making her reach a climax,then with one mighty push he emptied his sperm deep inside my lovely wife. After we all got dressed Dave was thanking us both and say ing we must do this again soon,Beth just smiled and I said I would be in touch soon.Since that night it has been a bit strained between us,part of me wants to do it again and part of me is filled with a sick,jealous feeling in my stomach.

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  • If you really love your partner, than you can not be selfish in s**, you must have s** to please her not you, and if you happen to enjoy it, great. She should also have s** to please you, and if she enjoys it, also great. It's about your partner and not you.

  • You're a f*#&ING p.o.s.

  • Just enjoy the good parts .Use the jealosy to intensify the sexual excitement you have. Enjoy it this is the most exciting s** there is. Encourage your wife and let her enjoy it too. I did and have never regretted it. Do not let your jealosy hurt your wife or make her feel guilty.

  • Sorry guy - you f***** up. Beth is probably f****** Dave now without you knowing it. She likes Dave's bigger c*** and he's a new f*** which is really exciting. You are just the old f*** who she's had for 20 years. There is no competition. And its your fault. Stupid idiot.

  • See this is why I would not want to share my wife; s** with someone new is very exciting, and what's to keep her from f****** the new guy any time she wants? You already gave her permission, so how can you complain? Yep, you f***** up and now Beth is getting f***** any time she wants. She may let you watch sometimes in the future, but your exclusive admittance to her is over forever. And maybe your marriage, but time will tell/

  • Just ASK HER. Obviously you guys have pretty good communication if you were willing to admit - and repeatedly admit - your fantasy to her. Just ask her how she felt, and let her know how you felt. It'll show her how much you still love her and establish that this is not a precedent for cheating.

  • Total bs....I'm his wife

  • Lol, busted

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