I let my friend flirt with me all the time

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months. And I really like him. I love him. And I know he loves me. But my friend keeps flirting with me. As much as I hate it and want him to stop, I really like it. My boyfriend doesn't do the things my friend does. My friend puts his arm around me, reaches for my hand to hold, he does the little knee touch and squeeze thing, and he just hugs me and tries to hold me. My boyfriend does NONE of that. And I really like it, I just wish it wasn't from my friend. My boyfriend knows my friend flirts with me, and he hates it. I just wish my boyfriend would do something about it!! He's supposed to be protective of me and not want other guys flirting with me. My friend flirts with me even when my boyfriend is around, and still, he acts like he doesn't care. And I let him flirt with me, and it makes me feel so guilty and I feel like a bad girlfriend. I try to tell him to stop, but it doesn't work. But all I really want to do is flirt back a lot. I wish I could do more, and not have it mean anything. Just for a night, do anything I want with my friend without it leading to any complications between my boyfriend and me...

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  • Tell your jealous boyfriend that you want to be romanced just like your friend is able to do it with you. You have to tell people what it is you like.

  • Hi,
    First off, your an a******. Spare your current boyfriend the illusion that you give 2 s**** about him and start dating your friend. You deserve each other.

  • Pull your panties out of your ass dude.

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