My girlfriend is being the trashiest of all the b****** and I'm cutting my arms up. I'm on the f****** verge of suicide. I just thought I'd let you all know. <3

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  • Instead of cutting yourself cut that girlfriend out of ur life. simple! x

  • There isn't any one statement that can be made to truly change your mind. I know, I am constantly fighting the urge to commit suicide. If you are hurting and need the pain to stop, SUICIDE is, in my mind, a very viable solution. With each attempt, I come closer and closer to the final exit. For me, my Suicide will occur when the level of pain exceeds my ability to cope. I have withdrawn from everyone. I have made it almost impossible for people to reach me, no home phone and no cell phone were just a start. I have read and studied for about 18 months to a year now and created a flawless plan by which I am going to end it all. Each failed suicide attempt has been a building block for me to know just what or what not to do the next time around. Now, I am certain the next time will be the last. I have been in therapy, hospitals, group psych programs and I am still certain of my desire for death by Suicide. Life is precious. Don't let your girlfriend be the reason for you to be cutting or ending your life. The end needs to be your decision based on what you see the best solution being for your future. If your future is filled with nothing but hopelessness, pain, hurt, emotional disaster, poverty, loss upon loss, the outlook of one failure after another, than Suicide becomes a rather attractive solution. Don't, and I repeat DON'T, let HOPE keep you trapped in a situation. If you hope that something or someone will become to your liking and it does not, it then becomes another source for depression and anger that you can or will use against yourself. Meanwhile, you might not have had the ability to make it come out any better. But HOPE kept you trapped there waiting for a better outcome. You HOPED for a better solution and it just never happened. Don't hope for your girlfriend will not be 'trashiest of all the b******'. That is where she is at in her life right now. Accepting that might put the cutting in a different light. Maybe it might not be as important.

  • Think of the people who will be sad after you commit suicide.think about how they will feel about you killing yourself.think of your mom,think about your dad.think about your peer's who will miss you soooo bad.think before you act.i know it is hard to think about suicide.i had to think long and hard about it.

  • F*** that b****, and f*** cutting. Find someone else, eat tacos and be happy

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