I'm in love with a 15 year old girl

Okay, first off. I'm NOT a pedophile or anything like that. My taste in woman has risen with my age. I am 30.

Maybe love isn't the right word for what I feel towards this girl. Crush, maybe? (Can 30 year old men have crushes?) All I know is that I have it bad for her.

Her and her family moved in next door this summer. I would see her sometimes, but never really had much interaction with her or anyone in her family. (Her parents are from South Korea, but she was born in America.) When school started up again, she and I would ride the same bus home. (I don't work at the school, but there is a stop right by the school.

I still didn't think much of it and barely noticed her. I get a little wrapped up in myself sometimes. But one day, she asked me if I would walk home with her. (It's about two blocks back to our street from the bus stop.) One of our neighbors has a couple of really mean German Shepherds and she was afraid of them. (They'd gotten out of their yard before and chased her.) Again, not thinking about much about it, I said sure. I was just being neighborly.

So we walked and made a little bit of small talk and made sure the dogs stayed in their yard. And then I went on with my day. The next day on the bus, she sat in the seat opposite of me and again, we talked. Actually, she did most of the talking, I just listened. And that's gone on now since September. Those 25 minutes I spend with her are the best part of my day. And right now, she is the best thing in my life.

I just love everything about her. I love how she's so positive about everything. She has the personality of a Disney princess. I half expect her to break out into song sometimes. I've never heard her say a bad word about anyone, even when she talks about how people pick on her at school. It's just heartbreaking to listen to, and hard to imagine anyone being mean to this sweet girl. She always says, "God loves them, so I will too."

And she is beautiful, Lord help me, she is the most breath-taking creature I've ever seen. I have to remind myself not to stare at her. But some days I just can't help it. I won't be the creepy old man here and describe her looks, other than to say she has eyes that just suck you in and you can't escape.

Before you call Chris Hanson, let me once again state that I have not done anything inappropriate with this girl, nor will I ever. Our conversations have never come close to flirting or s**. Although she says I need to find a wife who will remind me to shave everyday and who will make me lunches so I stop eating fast food. As much as I am emotionally and yes, physically attracted to her, I know better.

But still, my heart leaps when I see her. Even with my last girlfriend, a woman who I pined after for the better part of a year, never made me feel this way. I just wish I could turn off that part of me that's attracted to her. But hopefully this is just a silly little crush and I'll get over it soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm not looking for advice, so you can spare me the "Just wait until she's 18" crap. Does that ever actually work out anyway? I just hope that I can find a woman in my age bracket that makes me feel the same way. And I hope she finds someone in her age bracket who feels the same way I do about her, someone who will treat her like the princess she is, and who will treasure every minute spent with her.

Oct 27, 2012

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  • I would love to know how this turned out.

  • And you won't ever know, unless someone comes here pretending to be OP and drops a bunch of made-up bullshit. I could be doing exactly that right now, but chose to write this instead because it's more honest.

  • Gross, we don't care about your relationship or affections for underage girls you f****** creep.

  • This man didn't do a damn thing, shared his experience, and opened up, and showed courage in this case due to the potentiam reaction to the subject matter, and you just want to talk s***. Lucky you're behind that keyboard, and not imin front of me, or I'd be going in for my next assault charge. Seriously, I'd love to smack the s*** out of you, f*****.

  • Talk about a keyboard warrior. You burst into tears when your mommy tells you to wash the Dorito dust off your fingers, and the only thing you've ever "assaulted" was an empty bottle of hand lotion. Sit down and shut up!

  • You are in your way to prison you moron !!!!!!!!!

  • Hey I am 15 and I love a 15 years old girl baldly!! Pls tell me how to confess to her because I want to tell her......

  • Hai

  • I was 16 when I met my neighbor after moving next door and I immediately fell in love with him. He was the first guy I have ever met that liked me for who I am not just my body like the kids at school which I've only dated on a hand full of times.
    My biggest problem I look and can and have passed for a 22 year old buying liquor art a liquor store just down the street from where we live and my neighbor started in talking to me one day and I started in liking him after the third time we talked then one afternoon he caught me sun tanning in our back yard and came over and out of the blue told me I'd better put lotion on for I was getting red and I asked him to and he did and he started in arousing me rubbing my ass and I asked him to stop fo0r one I was to young for him and he asked my age and I told him 16 and he said bull s*** you're at least 22 and I told him no I am 16 and wont even be 17 till January and he started in apologizing to me and said he was sorry bent down gave me a kiss and started to leave and I told him to come back and talk to me and he did but asked me to get dressed for I had him totally aroused, I told him to wait and went into the house and put on a pair of shorts and a blouse nothing else for I didn't want him sitting alone out there all by himself came out and we started in talking for the next three hours and we parted that day but the day after I was sunbathing again and he came over and I told him just a minute and he said I was fine so I stayed there and again we talked for the longest time and even applied lotion to my back side and he did and I complemented him on rubbing my legs so good and my back and he said it's easy to do when you're so beautiful and inviting as he spanked my butt bent down and gave me a little kiss on my neck and left for a few minutes he told me he had to relieve himself and I thought he had to pee.

  • Didnt mean to post that multiple times lol

  • It's all good, alot of teen girls like older men and older people like younger people no big deal it's all natrual, so don't feel worried that your strange because you're not, it is perfectly normal to have feeling or desires like that, just because a few people don't like it and look down on it doesn't make them or their beliefs right! just be true to yourself and stop denying yourself because of what others say is right or wrong! I'm 50 and have a 15 year old girlfriend we met when she was 12 years old and she has no problem with our age difference and thats all that matters to me!!

  • I am a bit older than you and I would love to f*** a 12 yr old

  • Sick f***. I hope you're reading this from

  • ..i'm 16 and my man is 34. LOL
    But we started dating when I was 15 and he was 33.

  • So cool

  • Could be a difference in month

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