Please help with this religion problem pls

I am an Hindu sc girl... I am in love with a boy who is roman Catholic.. my problem is the boy doesn't know that I am an lower caste girl... we love each other so much ... I am ready to convert my religion to Catholic... but still i didnt tell him that I m a lower caste girl...I don't know how will he react... I am feeling sacred to tell him ... sacred if I would lose him..
Pls tell me what should I do pls ??

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  • If you both love each other then why are you scared to tell him the truth ?
    If you can't be honest with him then dump him , no one likes to be lied to and if you can't talk to him then why date him ? The whole point of love is you can tell them anything and they still love you but if you hide stuff then you lose trust you don't want that do you ?

  • How about you both stop tailoring your life to stupid bullshit and get on with living?

  • In Hinduism caste is not determined by color or texture of people, the Vedas talk of castes as forms of matter, ways of existence, being human is just one of the castes.

    God sleeps in matter, wakes in plants, walks in animals and thinks in man.

    Now think which of these castes is the highest, there is no high class one wouldn't exist without the other.

    Your blindness of your religion is the only thing that makes you feel inferior of it, study your religion, Semitic religions are based on needs, the Vedic tradition of sanatan dharma is based on acceptance and tolerance.

    Have a happy life.

  • Sometimes just as important as religious differences are cultural differences. Does this boy come from a western liberal democracy? If so then he likely believes in egalitarianism, the idea that all people are fundamentally equal, and would consider the caste system to be an antiquated throwback to an earlier time and have a hard time understanding how anyone could take it seriously.

  • If he is Catholic and not your religion I highly doubt he cares anything about your caste system.

  • Tell him the truth. If you are converting and he truly loves you then he shouldn't have problem with it. Did you lie about it? It seems like he didn't ask you about it so he might be disappointed that you didn't tell him but you can just tell him that he never asked. You will be fine you won't lose him..!

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