i love to single moms...they are sooo

i love to single moms...they are sooo easy, with all their insecurities..just pretend that you are in to them, show them some false loving and caring and bam!! their p**** is your!!! seriouly guys if you want an easy lay just look for single moms

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  • You are an ignorant son of a b****, you probably never get laid. . .go f*** a grapefruit.

  • women, all women...B****** AND WHORES!!!

  • to the idiot above, you have already proven my point..imbecile.!!.i bet i hit a raw nerve...the truth does hut..haha

  • F*** you to the idiot who said that I am an idiot. I bet you are a fat nasty uglu c***. B****!

  • ALL women are easy lays, you just need to know what to tell them...

  • to the idiot who said that any desperate women will do anything...You are the dumb f***!! i bet you are a single mom or your mom was one..and you saw all the guys who f***** her and didnt give a s*** about her, f****** d*** s***!!!

  • YOu stupid dumb f***. ANY desperate woman will do anything. Just because a woman is a single mom does not make her desperate. All women crave attention, but we know that all men are dogs

  • they will do anything just to feel loved, and i mean ANYTHING!!

  • i got one to give me a***...she does'nt look at me the same haha!

  • mother f****** life...thats good, very good

  • whoops.
    you already did that,
    in a literal sense.

    do you even know what literal means?

  • w**** is spelled,

    they're f****** vulnerable.
    get a mother f****** life!

  • wow...you are terrible

  • to the fifth writer you should go f*** yourself you hor

  • what satisfaction does it give you to use somebody like that?? these are people with feelings and most likely have gone through alot of heart ache..why??

  • soccer moms are way better...

  • teenage ones are even better..

  • yeah, especially the ones with little 2-4 yr old, always whining about things but in the real sense they just need a d***!!! i do that to 2 of my neighbours and f****** love it...

  • true!!! got me some yesterday

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