Self sucking is easier than you think

I am 18 now, about 2 years ago I watched a friend self suck himself , it appeared to be so easy and hot. His p**** was no bigger than mine , but he was good at bending down . So When I am alone I have been experimenting and have found it to be safe and fun and not really hard at all .

So many girls lost their virginity to idiots and so many get pregnant , stupid b****** know all about birth control, so do the guys , you have to assume they want to be pregnant with some ignorant ass.

Now I have all the s** I want without even dating . The girls say I am good looking , but I am not about to touch those stupid b****** . Nothing wrong with dating but frankly I refuse to go out with many of the whores in my area . I don't think a single one is a virgin , and for sure they are so stupid .

Self sucking his hot and easy and fun , why did I wait so long to try it ?

Nov 17, 2013

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  • I could suck my c*** when I was much younger but not now, too fat so I just m********* instead !!

  • I've been selfsucking for 8 years now. Sucking c*** is addickting!

  • I can't reach it at all, but I have done it while dreaming. So far always wake up before c******, just j.o. when I wake up.

  • Cocksuckers

  • Self sucking is very hot , c** has hardly no taste at all, and once you start you can not quit. I have been self sucking for about 6 years , finally I found a really cool guy and we have been sucking each other off like there is no tomorrow . But I am very picky . I love his big c*** shaved and mine is too, kind of like Candy . A c*** tastes so good clean . Once you both get to sucking it is wild and fun . The first time I did it we were up all night long sucking each other off . Just make sure you Select the right partner .

  • You should start classes on that. You could make some serious money on all the h**** dudes who want b******* without having to kiss some spoiled babe's ass. Plus, sucking your own d*** is the best. My husband taught me how to suck mine. Sooo damn good!

  • you swallow?

  • Brings new meaning to the term "go f*** yourself" doesn't it

  • Pls correct it dude.Not for "go f*** urself" its for "go suck urself"

  • U should teach that to ur big pops/uncle/grandpa...

  • Ive been selfsucking for 10 yrs!! I have a beautiful c*** and an irresistible c******* that I shave and I wear rubber cockrings!! Some days I can suck my c*** for 3-4 hrs and I cant wait to do it again 2 days later!! I don't really care about c**, I just love to feel my c******* in my mouth and my mouth on my c*******!! I think that im a sissy when I wear a miniskirt and nylons but It looks good on me and it helps I don't wear makeup or act like a girl, but I want to suck my cute c******* cause it looks like its telling me to!!!

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