Fat chicks

Recently i discovered how easy it is to hook in fat women.
it has sort of become my new fetish. How fat can i get and how easy.

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I was in the library

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  • So you're "hooking in" fat women by getting fat yourself? Interesting strategy

  • I know what you mean. I've loved fat women since my teens and every time I have ** with one, the next time I want someone bigger. I was married to someone 5'6 and 224 pounds for 14 years.

    My last GF was 314 pounds and, wow...fun to roll around with, even though sometimes I didn't know how to negotiate, for instance, her stomach was 61 inches around and I couldn't get in there without sort of pushing it sideways.

    But now there is a young lady I met on line who is 5'3 and over 450 pounds, who keeps sending me Snap chats of herself shaking her ** or putting the camera on her belly facing down and you can only see her feet. We had one date which was a "get-to-know-you" and she wants to get together to cuddle but honestly, I'm afraid I won't be able to get an ** with someone 5'3 and over 450 pounds. But would be fun to try. She's really, really pretty too, face like a doll and long, flowing, flaming red hair.

  • My wife is fat and has put put for many men since her teen years. A few compliments true or not and she's good to go. She's told me all about her slutty past, I've talked to a few of her friends and lovers...hot

  • Same! She is very pretty and ** always wore shear revealing tops ( 44ddd)
    She can't say no. I have a deal with her not to tell others that i let her spread her soft ** legs. It's fun and exciting to think of her as cheating!

  • Mine is out this morning telling me she has to finish up a few things at the office but her lover works with her. She is 5'7, 290, 42dd ** and a huge squirter

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  • Got any tips for getting some online? I'd love to bed a fat chick on a legit site or way to meet up for real

  • They are amazing in bed...and very grateful

    Most are really nice girls..but trust me. you'll want to push the envelope and you find out the "term "Too Fat to **" is real unless you have a Gi-Normous Dik

  • Yup, I have to agree. I am 5 and 1/2 hard and if you're with a really obese woman, you slip out and it's frustrating. Also you have to figure a couple of inches gets eaten up by her FUPA, so I'm really working with 3 and a half. Also in the last few years I've gotten a stomach, which makes things even more difficult.

  • Lucky me!

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