Fat chicks

Recently i discovered how easy it is to hook in fat women.
it has sort of become my new fetish. How fat can i get and how easy.

Aug 11, 2020

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  • So you're "hooking in" fat women by getting fat yourself? Interesting strategy

  • I know what you mean. I've loved fat women since my teens and every time I have s** with one, the next time I want someone bigger. I was married to someone 5'6 and 224 pounds for 14 years.

    My last GF was 314 pounds and, wow...fun to roll around with, even though sometimes I didn't know how to negotiate, for instance, her stomach was 61 inches around and I couldn't get in there without sort of pushing it sideways.

    But now there is a young lady I met on line who is 5'3 and over 450 pounds, who keeps sending me Snap chats of herself shaking her butt or putting the camera on her belly facing down and you can only see her feet. We had one date which was a "get-to-know-you" and she wants to get together to cuddle but honestly, I'm afraid I won't be able to get an erection with someone 5'3 and over 450 pounds. But would be fun to try. She's really, really pretty too, face like a doll and long, flowing, flaming red hair.

  • My wife is fat and has put put for many men since her teen years. A few compliments true or not and she's good to go. She's told me all about her slutty past, I've talked to a few of her friends and lovers...hot

  • Same! She is very pretty and sexy always wore shear revealing tops ( 44ddd)
    She can't say no. I have a deal with her not to tell others that i let her spread her soft sexy legs. It's fun and exciting to think of her as cheating!

  • Mine is out this morning telling me she has to finish up a few things at the office but her lover works with her. She is 5'7, 290, 42dd t*** and a huge squirter

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  • Got any tips for getting some online? I'd love to bed a fat chick on a legit site or way to meet up for real

  • They are amazing in bed...and very grateful

    Most are really nice girls..but trust me. you'll want to push the envelope and you find out the "term "Too Fat to F***" is real unless you have a Gi-Normous Dik

  • Yup, I have to agree. I am 5 and 1/2 hard and if you're with a really obese woman, you slip out and it's frustrating. Also you have to figure a couple of inches gets eaten up by her FUPA, so I'm really working with 3 and a half. Also in the last few years I've gotten a stomach, which makes things even more difficult.

  • Lucky me!

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