I root for military people to lose on The Price is Right.

Whenever I decide to watch The Price is Right, if there is a person on Contestants Row that is wearing a military uniform I immediately root for them to lose.

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  • A lot of them are pretentious anyway, they have to boast about being in the military: something they signed up for.

  • Watching The Price Is Right? Get the cheeto dust off your belly and go get a job.

  • I only watch it when I'm forced to baby-sit my autistic nephew. People with autism seem to love the h*** out of the show for some reason.

  • You root for a bunch of baby killers.

  • i do the exact same thing. i really hate those faggots.

  • The reason you're doing that is that anyone who wears the uniform and goes on a show like that is telling everybody in the world: "I'm a p****, and our whole military is a p****."

  • It isn't an obligation to root for them. There gotta be a reason tho to root against specific people like that..!!

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