I wish...

I cared enough to cry.

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  • There are heaps of illegitimates as well and I still believe that all this culture and agenda for surrogacy and sperm and egg donation is going to wreck the genetics of the world also. You will find more inbreding agendas via all this and to see men rejecting healthy uterus's of women is really a sick act, but they need this culture for the 100% gay movement ! I feel hurt that men have rejected my uterus that could have had babies. So its a sign of the times that were being programmed into us to stop producing so only their elites s** around like dirty disgusting swill and only their genes have rights to bred unlike most of us. I am supposed to have some silly French nobel, Irish, English, or whatever blood and they don't care about me. It has not helped me any so it can't be that great but are these people worth knowing? kate middleton? beyonce? a pair of black holes, smart a**** and aholes of the universe, I mean really? I always thought ellen looked like diana and I was right.


  • Me too but I doubt that I will and I sure hope they do cry me a river. anyways, I doubt muggsy mehgun will break up with harry the royals don't work that way. they don't ever announce weddings or engagements and cancel out in all history never heard of it. its completely unprecedented. the royals just don't do it. once its announced they have to marry keep face with public or they look stupid and like they don't know what they are on about. i have no doubt that their biggest love tests are yet to come and hotter chicks he could have married will come out of the woodwork and tempt him and she will be wishing she married some hot male model instead when he is old and ugly soon from all the sun damage but she is so ugly herself she will age faster then kate (she is gonna get super fat) or camellian already she is leather faced. but they just don't announce a wedding and set up the public and papers and memorabilia and dates for churches like that. but they are likely to have their love tested. never seen a guy yet announce his wedding and live to regret it and he finds the real love of his life just before the wedding most times. muggsy will get fat too. all guys meet better chicks just after they say their getting married its just the laws of life. and it gets worse and worse as they been together and more young hotties come on the seen and she will be like "oh, that guy is hotter then my creepy prince dam, no one is jealous of me anymore?"

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