IDK whats wrong

Okay a few months ago i met this guy and before i knew it i fell for him and he did for me but then out of now where he stopped talking and texting me like he never cared. me and him planned everything kids their names everything. then he just stopped like i didn't matter and this isn't the 1st time it happened to me i dunno what it is i mean i love them and show it and they seem to love me... i can't help but feeling like it is me i still love him like crazy and its been almost a month. maybe i wasn't good enough maybe i cared to much... I really don't know what to do he want answer me back at all i have texted him 3 times since he stopped talking to me idk what else to do

Jul 8, 2010

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  • its called a booty call honey . guys will tell you whatever you want to get in them panties.get over it

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