I robbed my mate blind

That i had a mate that i had known since i was 14 we use 2 drink togethor, go to parties togethor. i had not seen him or heard from him in over 2 years so i get a phone call from him one day and he starts inviting me over to his house so i go over there, and we would drink togethor, and he would have his mates over and one time i was sitting there and i saw his wallet sitting there so i took it thinking he wouldnt of suspected it was me, the next day i get a call from him inviting me over as i get there i open the door and his mate asks me where is the wallet i reply i didn't take the wallet he asks me a 2nd time where is it i said the same thing again he then hit me so i said i took it and gave it back, as time went by i got angry about it and i messaged him me and you lets have a fight mate he replys back talk s*** get hit, as another 12 months went by i started a new job and i see him alot but i dont think he sees me i dont know how i can make it up to him.

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  • Mayb giv him bj r get ur sister to f*** him r get ur mother to giv em handjob something like that

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