I dot feel comfortable!

Ok so i have this friend . Ill call her K . So me nd K are best friends nd we talk to each other everyday. But lately she been getting o my nerves. I just broke up with my bf . Lets call him M. Nd were still cool nd all but now she wants to talk to him nd keeps asking for his phone number nd kik nd stuff i asked her why nd she was just like because i need to ... Nd i like what?nd she was just like please? I dont want to give it to her thought because last time i gave her my crushes kik nd phone number nd she started flirting with him nd even when she knew i liked him for 6months nd we would be fighting over sumthin she would still talk to him!! Like wtf she didnt even know him at first! Like i just dont want to give her any info about him! Because if she starts flirting with him im going to b P*****! Like forreal nd she got mad whn ever i talked bout him nd made fun of me for talking bout him to her nd i juss am tired of herr doing tht its not cool!

Jul 3, 2013

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  • As politely as possible: spelling "and" fully will make your post a lot easier to read. You broke up with this guy, but you still have feelings for him, right? I understand that. But, you're not together anymore; in my eyes that means he's fair game. It's still wrong for your friend to try and get with him when she knows you're still raw from the break-up, though. And making fun of you for talking about him? She doesn't sound like a friend. Try to seek out friends who will respect you, because she clearly doesn't.

  • Just because you've broken up with him doesn't mean you don't care about him. She has no reason to have his number. First rule of girl code..you don't date your friend's exes. Unless you're okay with it, but sounds like you're not. There are a ton of other boys out there in the world, so maybe she should go for one of them, and not the ones that you have dated. Your friend has issues. Sorry.

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