My best friend's to-be-mom-in-law wants me

Mrs N lost her hub almost the same time my mom died leaving me without a parent. She's the mother of my bff's girlfriend. Their family: 5 girls(aged 25 to 12yrs) n the mom. I love them like my own sisters n mother. They also treat me as the family's eldest son. So me n my friend B spend most of the time with them. B chats with his gf while i do stuffs as a big bro with the rest of them. Things went smoothly n they filled the gap in my life left by my parents. I'm 26(the only child) n mrs N is 46. I'm the kinda guy who dislikes being sentimental or touchy-feely but not in a mean way. It's just my nature. But i got so attached to them that i let go of my inhibitions. Sometimes i lie beside mrs N n she would massage my hair n talk about her problems n family stuffs. She would always say her family has changed n life has become normal again cuz of me n their home is alive n cheerful like those days when her hub was around. We met for the first time around 6 months after her hub died. But soon mrs N started behaving strange. I didnt realise or suspected anything at first. She'd follow me around the house n always hold my hands n touch my face, my lips. Sometimes slide her hands along my shoulders n back. One day she was crying lying sick in her bed n i laid down beside her, took her in my arms n hold her to make her stop crying. I told her we all r here for her n gently kissed her forehead. It was meant to be a mother-son moment for me. But she had other ideas. She saw her hub in me. After that day everytime i got close to her she'd hold me tight n never let go for minutes burying her face on my chest sobbing n breathing heavily. Gradually it got awkward as her face always rubs mine running her fingers along my lips n i got aroused when i felt her warm breath on my neck. After all i'm a guy. It was really uncomfortable when the girls were around. My friend B jokingly said u guys look like a couple n it's weird sometimes. Then I started wiggling out of her hold pretending to do something or talking to the girls. She'd call me every night n share her stories about her hub, discuss family matters n her emotional needs. One night she called me up drunk n confessed everything(i was afraid she'd say that). She told me i was very much like her hub in character n the way he cared about her. Said she needs me emotionaly n even more physically. She knows it's inappropriate but cant help wanting my body next to hers. I told her that i can understand her feelings after losing a husband n wanting to be loved again but i love her like a mom, so she should try to let go of that thought n love me as a son. Next few days she apologised to me n told me that she got a little carried away cuz she was drunk. I was relieved. But then she couldnt control her emotions n started behaving like before more intensely this time. She even tried to kiss me but i turned away. I dont wanna lose her n the girls cuz i love them so much n wanna support them in every way like education or work or anything! The kids see me like a bro-dad figure. But it's getting really difficult to be with them while mrs N keeps on approaching me like a teenage girl having a deep crush on an older guy. I try to avoid her but whenever no one's around, she keeps on touching me or holding me. She says holding me is the only thing that keeps her pain away. I dont know what to do, i tried to talk some sense into her but in vain. I havent told anyone about this for the sake of her n the kids. Even my best friend has no idea. I cant stop seeing them as my friend is in love with the 2nd daughter n if i stop going there they'll be upset especially the youngest 2 girls who look up to me as a dad. I feel guilty whenever i look at them. She doesnt want others to know but cant stop longing for me. What should i do? She suffers from depression too. I'm afraid if i lose my control i might give in to her desires n that would be a big disaster. I want her to love me as a son like before but she admits she's slowly falling in love with me. I have a girl who likes me but lately we've grown apart cuz i'm preoccupied with mrs N n the girls' problems (financially n emotionaly). I dont wanna lose them but i cant also act like the guy who secretly has affair with their mom. I hate it, i feel like a perv. I'm confused n there's nobody to talk to. So i'm confessing it here just to see if anyone can give a suggestion.

Jul 5, 2013

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  • How the h*** is the mom a pedo

  • Wil u tak out ur c*** and giv her the best f*** she ever got god but u are slow u could b buried n her ass every day

  • Hello if this story is true and Im not judging.... You need to put some space between the two ofyou, this ( MUM ) Should know better she's fantasising about you and needs to talk to a good friend or counseller. She is wrong to put these feelings out to you she is lonely and needs to mix with Adults of her own age.She's wrong to put you in this situation between a rock and hard place. Hopefully she can get some help but if she does not , you need to get some help for yourself confidential help as the family would be devastated if the truth were known. Good luck

  • HTF is mom is a pedo?? the dud,,,er dude is 26.

    Look guy, get a grip, rent a hotel room and wreck her aching c***.She "needs" to be f*****, and she wants you to be the f***** f*** her. She will probably be the best piece of ass you will ever have.

  • Why are you financially helping them? It's not your responsability... And their mom is a pedo

  • fake as f***

  • Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I think you're looking for assurances it would be OK to put the wood to her. I think you should.

  • She needs to work her pain away in other ways instead of imposing them on you. You said and have done everything right. Now it's just turning into a completely uncomfortable situation for you. Lots of people suffer from depression. Saying No isn't going to send her over the edge. Spend some time away from them..or rather her for awhile. She needs other things to occupy her time other than you. The age difference isn't the point here. It's her trying to replace you with her husband. She needs to get over that. She sounds a little bit obsessive. Which would just not end well, if you even slept with her once. Not to mention, sleeping with her would most likely make your good situation with your best friend and the other siblings incredibly uncomfortable and possibly end very badly. One suggestion, you may want to lie and say you're dating that girl again. Mrs. N may get jealous, but she will be more than aware that you're serious that you're not interested in her in that way. In fact, you should ask that girl out and start it up again. Or if you must go over there, avoid being alone with her at all costs and especially if she's been drinking. Keep on reiterating to her that you're not interested. You have so much invested in this family. It is very commendable that you feel so responsible to your friend and his family. You're already an awesome friend, one day you will make a great husband and father. But really, they are not your responsibility. It's nice you do so much, but you have other priorities like your life, don't neglect your own life. If you have another talk with her, makes sure she is sober and suggest that she get help - counseling, medication for her depression..whatever. Draw firm boundary lines so you can still have a relationship with them. This will eventually's really Mrs. N who just needs to work on this. Good luck!!

  • Wow, thats a tough situation, i bet its hard to keep turning her away but if you really dont want anything physical with her, i think you should just draw the line with her and tell her again what you said before about the relationship with her whole family. but if you just want to get some...well then i wouldn't blame you for doing it

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