I think it's wrong

I was at a bar and chilling around by myself then i hear a dude talking trash to his gf or this random lady he was trying to hit on and i got in the middle of it and stopped him then things went sour and we fought each other. I knocked his ass out but then the cops came and put me in prison for like almost 3 weeks for knocking out the fool and him losing 2 tooth. is it wrong to get jailed for trying to do the right thing here??

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  • Wasn't your business. Can't the women handle themselves in an argument? You just assumed they couldn't. Don't be so quick to play the White Knight. What did you stand to gain? What did you lose? They women could leave or the person in charge should ask the drunk AH to leave. The guy isn't physically hurting the women so stay out of it. If he was doing that, then that is clearly wrong. How can you be so certain next time that you can whip the guy or that he doesn't have a gun on him , in his vehicle, or a knife in his pocket?

  • You kidding me, you did the right thing i believe, no women deserves to be treated like that and to all those telling him to mind his own business, he could have but if he did it could have gotten uglier.

  • Don't feel bad.... I know as the nice person I 'am I try not to be too nice as I was before. Now I 'am just at the point where I should only care for myself and f*** everyone else. Some people are so mean and f****** twisted, and its sad because were suppose to help one another and when nice people such s myself we always get the short end of the stick.

  • Sometimes the right thing to do is to mind your own business.

  • You should have been jailed for life and made to pay millions of dollars back for not only knockin his only two teeth out,but also for ruining his smile and embarrassing him in public n in front of his woman. U got off easy by doing the wrong thing.

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