I want to be loved

It's been said before. I'm saying it now. I feel so alone. There is this deep pit inside of me. It can never be filled. I just want someone to love me and accept me. It tell myself that I am a good person. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be loved. There is someone out there who will accept me as I am and love me for who I am. I just have to find her. But it's so hard. Everyone I ever loved I lost. I can't let people in. I've built this wall around me. I must protect myself. Now I suffocate in my dungeon. I know that I am not worthy of having someone care for me the way I want because I can't even care for myself that way. I am incapable of being loved. Anyone who tries to get close to me I will push away. Secretly I pray for them not to give up. Because I really want them to get through to me. Is there anyone out there?

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  • Your not alone

  • Thank you.

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