Oh lord...

I'm nnot racist .. But everytime a black person comes to my register I think oh lord... Cause I know either they won't have their store code . They won't know why I can't take food stamps for anything. They will be on the damn phone. And I just generally don't care about how much of a hurry your in cause your lace fronts messing up and you pay in a damn check

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  • I worked as a grocery store cashier once as well. I suspect you probably are in the southeast USA, like I was. I know what you mean. It's not because of their race. It's just a culture thing. And the stupidity, people across the board are just plain stupid, black, white hispanic asian it doesn't matter. Working customer service will show you that in the general public, nice, intelligent people are rare as hen's teeth. Any race. [People are stupid as h*** about food stamps. I maintain that food stamps should be limited to actual food. I watched people spend $400 a month on chips and soda, and I was pretty sure they lived entirely off of that. It was pitiful. People don't know how to eat and they don't care.]

  • ^ THIS RIGHT HERE. Humans are self centered slobs no matter what color they are.
    Sincerely, Too Many Years in Customer Service!

  • Yes......yes you are a racist...and since you work as a cashier, you are probably broke and white trash.

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