Me and my pe teacher (again)

I have a massive stomach fetish and it s kinda embarrassing but one day I had to stay back a few mintes to do some work and she took off her jacket, lifting her shrirt up and exposing her cute belly. I felt like touching myself under the table because she is so hot and the nicest teacher I know. Being a blonde, she drives me crazy with horniness. I m considering asking if I can like have lunch with her and chat.
I know, that last bit was a bit sad.


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  • Nothing wrong with that..I have a navel and tummy fetish, too. One of my hot bartender friends, who's also a dancer (regular dance, not stripper) has the best body I've ever seen. When I go see her at the bar, I love watching her reach to the upper shelves, causing her shirt to ride up and show off a nice amount of her taut, firm tummy and deep, oval innie navel. They did a benefit car wash one weekend, and I waited for her to be washing to pull my car up. Knew she'd be wet and showing off in shorts and a half shirt. Drove me crazy just watching her stretch up and down, showing off more and more...

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