Dancing In The Ether - I Wish I Could Get Over Him......

Dear 18 Year Old Me......I want to tell you.......

In 4 or 5 years from now, whilst in Melbourne, you will meet the most gorgeous, utterly mesmerising, witty, intelligent, breathtaking-in-every-way man you will ever meet.

A German Captain from the Deutsch Marine.

DO NOT S*** this man. Do not participate with him in a 9-Day s***-fest locked away in some 5-Star Hotel, or at any other Melbourne landmark. I repeat - DO NOT S*** THIS MAN.

I DO NOT CARE that he has eyes that see right through you, that he is truly 'built', that he is gentle, kind, noble, sincere, sweet, funny and completely hot. That he's rugged with several days-worth of facial hair. That he commands a room as well as a marine vessel.

I DO NOT CARE that he is a little bit dangerous, in a Rasputin kind of way, that he likes to have a cigarette-lighter run underneath his toes, that he cries during Nick Cave songs, that he likes to wash your hair 4 times a day.

I DO NOT CARE that you would talk for 11 hours straight night after night and day after day about anything and everything.

I DO NOT CARE that he was the first man to truly teach you what s** was "really all about".


I DO NOT CARE that it was all extremely 'spiritual', 'esoteric', 'philosophical' and 'pure magic'.

NO!!!!! Just don't go there. Because even though you both agreed it will be for 9 days only, after him, no man will ever compare. No man will ever be enough. No man will ever captivate you in quite the same way. You might get married to someone else but it won't last. And you'll spend too much time trying to find someone who will replicate or replace him.

From your 35ish year old self.

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  • I feel you. If I could warn myself about her.....I might still be whole.

  • Huh!

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