My older neighbor

I own a lakefront cabin and have become freinds with a guy down the lake about 8 cabins, I wander down and have a beer with him once in a while and instead of walking down the road I walk down the lake front, I have made sure to stop and make sure it is cool with each of the people who own cabins between us and they have all said it is fine with them.
About three cabins down from me is an older woman, She would be very early 50's I am guessing and not a half bad looking woman, She used to have a man around but I haven't seen him since summer before last. She has a daughter who is often there with a couple kids and is a total smoke show but definitely married to a guy I wouldn't want to mess with so I seldom even speak to her, Just the odd wave as I stare at her in her bikini. She is a small girl with a tiny, Almost non existent rack but beautiful, Her mom is same height, Shoulder length, Straight, salt and pepper hair and they are built almost identical but the mom has a bigger rack, Normal size whatever that is, C cup or whatever.
One time I wandered past some time late evening 11 or 12 and the daughters bedroom light was on, I'd had a few beers and was inquisitive so I paused out front and was able to see her from the waist up as she walked past the window, I was pretty sure her husband was there so I stayed back a ways but still got a decent look which is how I know she is almost flat, tiny, Tiny little rack with tiny little brown nips and then she turned the light off.
A month or so later the mom and her...Boyfriend...Husband...I don't know were there alone and I was again wandering down the beach, I could see she had her lamp on and could see just some movment below the widow. I know I know but I couldn't help it, I sneaked up to the window and peeked in, I had to be super quiet and got to see them getting dirty.
She truly is an impressive looking woman without her clothes, I don't know if she has more kids, I think once she mentioned a son who lives far away and doesn't visit much but she has taken good care of her body, I peeked in the window and she was on her knees, He was laid back on the bed and was an older guy, Her age or maybe a bit older, He was working his d***, Jerking and sucking it and I could only see her from the back. With the window open I could hear it all and she likes to make a little bit of noise, Moaning and quietly talking. He wasn't much to look at, Chubbier guy with a little d*** curved to the...Right I guess, I could only see her back and bum but her bum is really great, From behind she looks 20 years younger.
After a minute or two she stood up and then I got a really good view, She bent over at the waist and her p**** was right there, Like I could have bent her over from where I was, She doesn't shave, Like at all, She is a bit hairy all the way back, Bushier in front, Lips are fuzzy but the rear entrance and crack are hair free, I could see her rack from the side sort of and they are saggy, Stretched out a bit and hang down. She crawled on top of him and reached between her legs, She easily got him positioned and sat down. She started rocking forward and back but couldn't go too far or his little d*** would have slipped out, He had both hands grabbing her bum and I got to see her little pink rear hole and it doesn't look ike it's over used, Just pink and wrinkly.
She was starting to get going and he got his finger wet, She let him rub and then he slipped one finger in and she whispered "Aaahhh...Gentle" and he obliged, She obviously enjoyed it because it didnt take long until she started breathing real heavy and moaned, He grunted and thrust his hips forward a couple times and she laid on top of him until he went soft and slipped out and then she got up and I watched her bum jiggle into the bathroom then left.
I never seen anything again after the one time but did see the daughter topless one other time again just for a few seconds until last week when I wandered past again, Like I said I haven't seen the mom's man around for quite some time so not sure what's up with that but it was great for me because I got to watch her "Take care of business" herself, I was again taking a stroll home and quite often I see her lights on but never see her or the curtains are closed, this was a windy night and the waves were loud crashing the shore so it was actually great timing and I knew she wouldn't hear me but as I looked over I seen her come out of her attached bathroom with just a towel on her head.
She grabbed something and went back in the bathroom but left the door open, I could see one side of her body and sneaked to the window peering in, She brushed her teeth, Toweled her hair dry, Put on some face cream and some lotion on the rest of her body, She came back out of the bathroom and had her housecoat and laid it out on the bed probably so she didn't get lotion on her blankets until it soaked in. It was perfect, Her bed is probably 4 feet from the window and from the side I was at I was closest to her feet and had a perfect view of her from the side on about a 45 degree angle.
She hopped up on the bed and sat with her legs crossed and I got to see her p**** lips spread, She actually has a really nice p**** under the hair, No big beef curtains or anything, Nothing at all hanging out really, Just a little at the top where her c*** is, She went through a whole stretching routine before bed and watching her body stretch and move I got to see her in tons of positions, Finally she went back to sitting with her legs crossed and she was looking down, She put her hand on her inner thighs and then started lightly touching her p**** lips. She started just softly rubbing her c*** sticking out and then spread her lips with the other hand, She has a nice, pink p**** that I could see was wet, She was tickling her c*** with one hand holding her lips open with the other and then leaned forward more and slid her tickilng finger into her p****, She took a deep breath and kept pushing deeper and deeper until she had that finger in as deep as it would go, She was rocking her hips and massaging the inside of her p**** and then used her spreading hand to grab her saggy right b***, She squeezed it a little and then OMG!!
She took her nip between her pointer and thumb and started rolling it, She has Kinda bigger nips but not real big, if you touch your pointer and thumb together they're about that size with a pencil eraser nip on them, After a bit she got up, Went to the bathroom and got a hand towel, Wiped her hand and opened her night table, I could see she had two d***** in there but she pulled out the one with a c*** tickler on it, She got back into position, Started working it in, It was not big but curved forward to hit the "G", she managed to get it all the way in and sat back up, She used the bed to hold it in and was just sort of flexing her bum cheeks making her hips move, She had her hands on her knees and then reached down with one and just clicked her vibe on, I coud barely hear it but it was on.
She sat there with her eyes closed just softly moaning and twitching once in a while then opened her eyes and looked down at her chest, she squeezed her b**** together then stopped and repositioned, She kind of moved to the side of the bed with her back against the head board and put her right foot on the floor, while holding her d**** in, She sat down and again used the bed to hold it in but now with her legs spread, She sat down and it was all the way in, There was no way it could have gotten deeper and then she started rocking her hips and cupped both her b****, She rolled her nips then grabbed them both and pulled.
I was like "Whoa, WTF", She stretched them out so hard, I have pulled a nip or two in my day but never, Ever like that, Usually a soft little tug, Anything more gets a slap but she had those t*** stretched right out, scrunching her face until they slipped out of her fingers and then she grabbed them again. She was pulling and stretching and twisting them looking like she was in pain and then she started pulling them down, Leaned forward and started to shake and moaned "yes, Yes, Yeeeeessssss" and came. After she came she let go of her nips which looked like they were twice as long as before but she rubbed her hands over them, Just when I thought it was all over she rolled to her side with her back to the window, Lifted her right knee, Licked her finger and reached back sliding it in her bum crack, She grabbed her d**** with the other hand and started rabbit punching her p**** while rubbing her bum hole and then tensed up and let out a long moan then pulled out her d****, Shut it off and laid there just running her hand back and forth over her p****.
She grabbed the hand towel with the hand she was using on her ass hole and held it as she laid there softly rubbing her p**** with the other hand for a few minutes and then got up and went to the bathroom, She washed her hands, Came back and grabbed her housecoat and hung it up, Grabbed a book and crawled under the covers, I crept away as quietly as possible and went home, I woke my wife up and gave her a pounding, The whole time she was like "Oh my god you're hard" "slow down you're gonna wake the kids" and then she bit the pillow and moaned, Afterward she rolled over and said "Mmm, That was nice", I kissed her and went to sleep.
Man that woman can put on a show and I look forward to more potentially.

Jun 11, 2020

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  • Wow you should talk with the old lady see if you could replace that d**** with your c***

  • Lucky man.
    There is nothing better than an unshaved c*** bush . Lovely.
    My mother is 50 and has a brown hairy c*** and b cup t***.
    I spy on my mum often to see her naked .
    I'm twenty years old.
    I love to see her hairy f**** and always need to w*** as I watch her take her knickers off.

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