Accident in sleep

Last Sunday night I had an accident where I unintentionally gave into m*********** while I was asleep. I have been able to go on three months without breaking my vow in not giving into self-gratification and suddenly I find myself soiled in my bed yesterday morning. However, As i am willing to admit I masterbated, but I did not do on intentions because I was sound asleep. Anyway, I felt that I needed to get this out in the open in order to move forward, but thanks for reading my confession and have a nice day.

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  • God, this post makes me sad. There's not a damn thing wrong with touching your body. Animals do it, humans do it in the womb, babies do it. It's completely normal. And as a matter of fact, o****** are healthy for you. Have as many as possible. Anyway, most likely you didn't m********* in your sleep, you just had a wet dream. Do yourself a favor and check out some real s** education stuff, on tumblr or youtube, for example. Not that crap the fundies probably gave you at school. And please, if this is because of your religion... Ask yourself if this is really what your deity would want, or if you are just doing what other humans have told you god thinks is bad because of their OWN agendas?

  • You had a wet dream a******.

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