When I was twelve years old I was visiting my friend

I put this in embarrasing because I don't know where else to put it. My friend lived with his three sisters and his older brother. While there I knew the mile sister was taking a bath. About an hour I needed to use the restroom and I thought she had finished her bath. I heard no water running nor any splashings.

I thought she was outside with her other sisters and her bath long over.

I opened the door and there she was sound asleep and laying on her back. Her v***** was exposed and it was the first full on female genitalia I had ever seen. Like I said she was sound asleep and unaware I was looking at her.

I am not a perve. I was only twelve myself and rather naive. If I had known she was in there like that I would not have opened the door.

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  • Ok your forgiven. You were 12. You didn't touch her or rape her so what is your point?

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