I was pinned into thick cloth diapers every night for bedwetting. I was 11 I think when my mom let me put on my own diapers. I was one of 4 boys and the only bedwetter. I had a noisy plastic mattress cover on my bed as I would sometimes soak my diapers and the bed as well. I was allowed to stop wearing diapers when I entered high school at 141/2. Now I dealt with nightly floods soaking the sheets, blanket, and often my pillow as well. I really hated this and after a few months put myself back in diapers. I struggled with daytime leaking issues as well and usually wore 2 or 3 pairs of underwear to try and control keeping wetness on my pants. One night when I was 17 I was with 4 friends at one of their houses. I fell asleep watching a movie and woke up some time later to all of them loudly laughing as I had soaked my pants and the chair I fell asleep in. Mortified is not a strong enough word for how I felt. After that they jokingly referred to me as puddles.

Apr 3

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  • I am against racism. I am against sexism. Diversity in white supremacy! Transwhites are whites! So long as you're based, you can be white!

    The fact that gaytrannies who worship Hitler racemix more than a white leftist whhore woke BLM supporter who lives in Utah, shows us who the real racists are: white Democrats.

    The right has Dan Bongino and Candace Owens. The left has Stephen Colbert, who's whiter than a steaming bowl of rice dropped on soft snow in Antartica. Need I say more?

    Islam is the gay man's religion, and that's why a bunch of white nationalists find Islam very appealing. In reality, Islam is one big bathhouse masquerading as a theocratic ideology, like Cosmotheism or Falun D***. D***, lol.

    Islam is the religion of brown "people". Not entirely black, but not entirely white.

    So they threaten to kill and rape a toddler, in between flooding a 6/10 white girl's timeline with masochistic pleading and sexual garbage.

    Being a sack of garbage is a blessing if you're shitskinned. You never know you're a sack of garbage.

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