Wet teen

I'm 19 and I wet my self on purpose because it turns me on. When I was younger I wet the bed every night but stopped when I was 17.. 6 months ago I decided i wanted to be a bed wetter again so when my bf fell asleep Id pee the bed on purpose, I did it a couple of times in a row till he made me wear Diapers to bed so I didn't pee on him.
After that I started peeing them every night before I fell asleep, when I woke in the night and my morning pee all in my diaper and after a couple of months I started bedwetting for real again. Its just like when I was younger, waking up in a wet diaper. Now I can't stop, I wet myself every night without even trying and soletime through the day if I hold it a bit to long. And I love it! I'm laying in a wet diaper right now and I'm really h****....

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  • I to was a regular bedwetter until age 11 and I got to wear cloth diapers and rubber pants to bed each night.

  • I was a regular bedwetter between ages 5 and 12 and mom had me wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night. Eventually I got used to having them on and they did keep my bed and bed clothes dry.

  • I have done the same..I have put a nappy on,and wet myself..nice warm feeling,,can see why you like doing it,

  • If you enjoy it, what's the harm? My wife is 28 and she started peeing in the bed on purpose while we were dating about 10 years ago. She loves it and gets real turned on. She sleeps in the nude and just pees in the bed when she first goes to bed, during the night, and first thing in the morning after she wakes up. It even got me turned on and now I pee the bed too. Every year we buy a new mattress. I love watching my wife when she wakes up. She will sit up, light a ciggy, and then empty her bladder into the mattress. There is a man for every woman. If you enjoy peeing the bed, don't stop. Someone will find your habit very attractive.

  • Sounds like you have some psychological issues from childhood being played out. If it effects the quality of your life and your relationships I strongly advise you seek professional help and try something like EFT tapping to help. Good luck!

  • I get so h**** reading this

  • Lol why would anyone put up thier email you know we can see you on facebook right?

  • That's f***** up

  • your right that is f***** up

  • I would get a rubbersheet

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