Do I tell him.

I'm 21 and a few weeks ago I got engaged to my boyfriend.We've been together since we were 17.I do love him I just never knew how serious we'd get.I mean I will marry him and settle with him when the time is right.Its just I like f****** other guys and I've had a few since we've been together.2 or 3 are regular and 1 of them a friend of his.When I was 19 I even screwed his friends older brother while they were passed out drunk downstairs after a party.I couldn't help it I was drunk,stoned and h****,my boyfriend was asleep and I dared a guy almost 10 years older to shake his d*** at me.Which he did.2 minutes later we were in his room and he dared me to get naked.5 minutes later he was sliding his hard d*** in and out of my slippery p****.
I even had a spitroast from 2 black guys and I told em bring a friend.I haven't had girl on girl action...yet.Call me a s*** or whatever you want.I love to f*** and I might as well have all I can have while I'm young.But do I tell my bf all this now or at some later date.??????

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  • These are the kinda stories i come on here for

  • Honey, if you are doing this behind his back, then you need to cut him loose and let him move on. He will never be enough for you in the rack, so cut him loose.

  • Congratulations on the engagement: that's wonderful and I wish you only happiness! As for telling him about your indiscretions, don't ever do that. NEVER. The only circumstances under which you would ever tell him and ask forgiveness is if you had stopped doing other men. But you haven't stopped that, and you aren't going to stop that. And most importantly, you shouldn't stop that. You need and crave the extra s** and extra attention and extra LOVE (that's what it is, regardless of what anyone says), and you deserve it, as much and as often as you possibly can get it. And you aren't going to be able to stop looking for it and finding it, no matter where you are in the relationship with your fiancé. Naturally, you're going to have to be discreet, and you're going to have to choose discreet partners, especially when you're connecting with his friends, but you are clearly smart enough to handle that and to manage all the affairs with multiple men because you've been doing just that your entire life as a sexual creature. You are who you are, and you should NEVER attempt to deny, diminish or frustrate that at any point in your life, much less for a man. Be proud of your sexuality and your boldness, both of which are wonderful and admirable, and which are your essence. Adultery is incredibly thrilling (I speak from experience), but you already know that. You are so advanced, as relationships go, that your girlfriends will never be able to catch up to you. Don't let your fiancé or anyone else convince you that you have to adhere to society's rules or morals, because those were made for a different time and for different people: if you're challenged by any of those moronic naysayers, tell them, "Take me or leave me, but stop trying to change me!" My instinct is that they will all take you, including your fiancé, and they'll be happy about it. I truly admire what you've already done, and I adore what you're going to do throughout your marriage. And I'll be your biggest fan!

  • Go buy a vibrator, s***!

  • Kill him now before he invests his whole heart into you. You will never change and to break a heart with the kind of betrayal you are guilty of can destroy his life and push him to question why he was not enough to satisfy you. You have no right to expect him to accept your promiscuity as normal. You cheapened the basic reason we marry, to set aside another human as special, for our love and intimacy alone. Save him, let him go.

  • I have to agree with this post. If you are this promiscuous at this stage in your relationship, you will never be satisfied with just one guy, and you will cheat your whole marriage. You are just a very sexual woman who cannot be satisfied by one guy. that's fine, but don't agree to marry this guy; it will destroy him when he finds out (and don't fool yourself into thinking he won't eventually).

  • I would work up to it slowly. Tell him while f****** that you fantasize about f****** other guys. Ask him if he'd like to watch you f*** someone else. Its a common fantasy, and if he says yes, even if it is a fantasy, you can bring it up more and more often. And when you get caught (and you will, it is a matter of when - after all you are f****** his friend; one night they will be drunk together and the friend will let it slip) you can say the fantasy made you so h**** for someone else you just did it. That he said that he wanted to see you with another guy, so you kind of had his permission. If the relationship survives, you can eventually ask for an open relationship, where you can each f*** others, but just be discreet.

  • No, don't tell him, but continue to do what you want. You obviously need more c*** than he's giving you. Don't confuse love with l***. Its completely possible to have a good relationship with him and still get the action you need somewhere else.

  • If your betraying someone on the daily without them knowing thats not love. Thats l***. When you love someone you dont do things that will hurt them. what is wrong with people today? wtf

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