I hate my stepdad with all my soul

I hate my stepdad, my dad died when I was little and my mom got married to this alcoholic s******* that has ruined my life in every single way, I just want to punch him and kill him. I have several depression, anxiety and health problems and he makes it worse. He used to get drunk and call my mom a s*** and stuff like that and I just wanted to kill him. I'm 16, on August I'll be 17 and I don't think I can wait until I have 18 to leave. My mom knows how I feel and she does nothing. I feel so useless, he's always saying I'm a piece of s*** and a waste of space because I dropped school but that was for health problems. I have no friends, no one to talk to and I'm just done with him. I'm also bisexual (lesbian) and my mom knows but he doesn't and when he sees someone gay on the street he yells stuff at them and I get so angry.
Can anyone give me any advice?
Ps, I've been treated by tons of therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, I even have been in a psychological hospital twice.

Jul 18, 2013

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  • I Know how you feel my Step Dad Physically and Verbally Abused me for over 10 years since i was a kid But Im turning 18 soon and ill be able to leave which i intend to do so as soon as possible my advice would be as dasani4ever said get a job as get out quickly

  • I am 34 years old and I fell in love with my husband in 2010 and he is a dad, so I am by legal marriage a step mom, but I quit, not literally, but their step dad is a complete loser, sounds like your step dad..he drinks, he steals money, he steals food, he has mug shots posted on the internet because he isn't a good guy. They only like him or deal with him because they get lots of dinners and food and gifts from their mom, otherwise she isn't mother of the year! I have put more into being a step mom than their own mom, but that doesn't even matter. I don't know how old you are, but my opinion is get the h*** out if you can..If you are out of high school, get a job , get 2 jobs, make friends, make nice friends who you trust and save your money. I tell my step kids they had it good but now I am done being extra nice to them. I tell them to save 20 bucks a week in their bank since they work, but yet they look at me like I am crazy but if you save 20 bucks or as much as you can afford to, every penny counts!

    good luck!

  • Sorry for your case, I hope everything work out with you, mostly with the kids, none of them deserve a bad dad, good luck to you too! And, thanks.

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