Boyfriend may be racist

I really love my boyfriend, but I am beginning to suspect that he may be racist. He has fallen in with the wrong crowd, and I think they hate Jewish people. They are causing a lot of trouble in our area, and my father thinks our family will have to leave soon. My poor Ralph, those Nazis are turning him into something evil.

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  • Tell him, it's either them or you. Even if he picks them it's ok , your not married. You could just walk away.

  • Awh I read title wrong thought it said rapist. Would of been way more interesting. Alot of people are racist, the human psyche is programmed with im better than you and you wanna know why? Is he good looking, usually adds gas to the fire.

  • If he agrees with them he is already evil.

  • You sound about 16...going on 17

  • That I am! How did you know?

  • The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music...........

  • You may have to leave him too! are u in germany?

  • Austria. My family is thinking of moving.

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