I want a close friend (girl), but I

I want a close friend (girl), but I don't know how to open up to someone.
My mother and I don't really have a close relationship and we haven't been close even when I was little.
She isn't that strong and when my dad left she couldn't help me with my emotions because her own were too hard to handle.
Thats why I just want a girl's shoulder, her arms to be around me, while I cry, I wanna feel loved.
The inside to the out cries out for love. I don't care who thinks I am a sissy or whatever. I just want that love. A close friend to tell my secrets to, the be there for, I have alot of close guy friends but not a girl.
I dunno, I'm not a pervert or anything...Just that I want that feeling, the feeling of a mother holding her son/daughters in her arms, feeling secure.

Hopefully one day...I will...I'll find that close girl.

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  • Awwww!!! That is so sweet!!!

  • Oh and i hope u do find that girl! :)

  • That is so sweet! i would love that. And i dont think ur a sissy. Its nice to feel ur loved. i know that may sound corny but watever. And also that sux what happened to you (person who last posted). I really wish u could open trust ppl again.

  • Got to tell ya i once thought that way. I assume you are a guy. I made what i thought was a a great friend with a female. Lots of talk and closness and friendship. Went on for a couple years, then, out of the blue, she was talking behind my back and blading me to the other females. I will never trust a female in a way that i would leave my guard down ever again. Beware.

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