Friend being dragged into Scientology - what do I do?

A friend of mine is really, really down about herself. Fluctuating emotional states, feeling of lack of self-worth, she isn't special to anyone etc. Sometimes she's better and feels good, but then plunges back down like she's on a rollercoaster. She has two other friends who happen to be Scientologists. They have gotten her to fill out the first stage of their recruitment process and want to take her in to do an 'audit', which I think she may be at now.

I'm massively concerned as she's so emotionally vulnerable right now - but she's asked me to keep it to myself, ie not to tell her brother, mum, or any other friends. I've tried convincing her it's a bad idea. I've been supporting her as has another close friend - neither of us has asked for anything in return nor would we ever. I've said that if she wants to explore it, fine, but just not now whilst she's so vulnerable.

I'm not sure I'm really getting through to her, so do I tell her family and other close friend and break her trust, or keep it to myself and possibly have her converted to Scientology?

Sep 22, 2014

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  • It's just an L. Ron Hubbard fan club, don't worry about it. Pastafarian is a real cult, full of snotty neckbeards

  • Is someone bitter because they got turned down for bukkake during Talk Like A Pirate Day?

  • Or got turned away from the Beer Volcano?

  • Drag her out by any means necessary, its a fuc*in cult get her out as fast as you can dont let her become one of those loony toons

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