I want to watch my girlfriend use the bathroom

I've been looking all over the internet for places to vent and discuss this issue I've been having. Let me preface what I confess by saying that I am deeply embarrassed by my fetish.

I am aroused when a girl pees or wets her pants. Similarly if she poops or poops her pants. Farts also arouse me, anything 'inappropriate' digestive sounds for that matter.

I really wish I didn't have this fetish because I feel people view it as the sort of thing a creepy 40 year old man with a mustache would be in to. I'm in my 20s, male, tall and handsome and overall a remarkably normal and well adjusted person. Despite it all I just can't help having this kink. When I try to ignore the arousal it can bring me I actually seem to become more sensitive to being aroused by it. Its quite frustrating.

I can pretty much identify in my childhood where the fetish came from but its a long story so I'll skip it. Suffice to say it has to do with feelings of shame and embarrassment.

I'm hetero and the fetish pretty much only goes for female toilet activities, but having said that graphic bathroom situations with men make me anxious when I'm in public company. When I was a kid that laxative scene in Dumb and Dumber made me very uneasy and I wasn't quite sure why.

The fetish becomes unbearably difficult to resist if the woman is desperate to go and risks having an accident. Whether its hopping up and down from needing to pee or clutching a noisy stomach that is craving a p***, either scenario instantly snatches up all of my focus and thoughts. It makes me feel ashamed just how much I can't resist.

I told my GF recently about the fetish and THANK THE GODS she does not judge me or think less of me for it. I feel relieved I can be open with her about it. She feels the fetish is fairly tame and harmless yet she is, ahem, less than thrilled at the thought of 'performing'. LOL. I love her, so I'd never ask to her to anything she is uncomfortable with. I'm just glad I can be honest and not have to hide this anymore. Its like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

The fetish also has a few related kinks that I should mention. I love when my GF knows that I need to go badly and I really, really love it if she plays with my abs while I'm having a bout of gas/p*** desperation. It also gets me hot if she presses her ear to my stomach to listen to me while my guts rumble and churn. Basically what gets me off is the sheer embarrassment of the entire thing. The childhood trauma that probably caused this whole fetish involves being judged and mocked for needing to go, so knowing that someone, my GF no less, is listening intently when I'm at my most vulnerable, and that she isn't even remotely disgusted is a serious turn on for me and an emotional bond. Its catharsis for very old, traumatic fears from childhood.

I would also enjoy my GF watching me use the bathroom to p***, mostly for the same reasons above, that its a very embarrassing and vulnerable moment. Its like that exercise where people catch you when you fall blindly off a ledge. If I can trust my GF to watch me do that and still have her find me sexy and not think of me as gross its like the ultimate level of trust I can possibly have in a person. Understand, I have deep, deep feelings of shame tied to peeing/pooping so being able to share in that with someone I love is a truly liberating experience for me. I have yet to actually have her be in there with me though, mostly because I don't want to pressure her or gross her out. The last thing I want to be is selfish even if it is for personal growth.

Moving back though, I get aroused when girls need to pee or p*** mostly because for the longest time girls seemed unrelatable to me. They always seemed clean, smelled nice, looked better than guys and they "didn't p***". I was filled with self loathing that I had to p*** during childhood and I resented that girls apparently didn't. It wasn't until I grew up that I learned that girls did in fact p***, only that it was a guarded secret.

I like to watch girls p***/pee not because I feel as though women should be degraded or humiliated, although I admit the need to use the bathroom is embarrassing. Its mostly because to me it makes women more human and relatable on a deep level. I love women and have a deep respect for them, but I simply can't help my fetish. At times it makes me feel like a hypocrite getting off on seeing a woman do something kinda degrading because I consider myself something of a feminist in life despite being a guy.

Anyway, thats my confession.

QUESTION for girls out there: Have you ever had a desire to watch your boyfriend p***? Or even just had a curiosity about him using the bathroom? If you were listening to your BFs stomach noises and heard gas/rumbling would you be disgusted?

God, I just reread this whole thing after typing it. Despite the fact that its all true I feel like such a weirdo! At least I'm being honest, I guess!


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  • I just found this interesting
    I kind of have a similar thing going on here and im glad theres ppl out here who relate. Dont hate yourself for it if you
    Cant help it
    My gf and i will use the bathroom together and not think much of it, sometimes we just ask eachother β€˜come with me?’ And we just go together and talk about stuff like how our day was or whatever.
    However ive found that i enjoy watching her for one reason or another and i think shes on to me but doesnt know as of right now. sometimes going in there with her isnt apropriate due to the fact that we have family over or visitors or were in public or a friends house but she will txt me while in there and tell me what shes doing just out of what i belive is just out of humor and entertainment whilst shes pooping.
    Sometimes she would just want to p*** alone which is ofcourse okay. I do however get really anxious when she goes alone because i sort of know what shes doing in there and want to be a part of it but i cant because i have to respect her and dont wanna drive her nuts. The anxiety sometimes really hits me really bad when i cant be in the bathroom with her while she goes and i dont really know why. Does that happen to you or do i have a bigger issue than i realize?

    I cant seem to find any links with anyone with the anxiety

  • Yeah dickwad,you posted that already,I've read your post too

  • I watch girlfriend poo all the time iv licked her out wile she taking a s*** and she sucked my d*** wile on the toilet

  • Unfortunately these things lead to sexual addictions. It's a type of voyeuristic act that can increase in need specifically outside of the relationship. Please seek help prior to hurting others.

  • It's not weird. I'm female. I love peeing and pooing my pants, being watched having a pee or poo whether inside or outdoors and wearing nappies. I also love watching my husband pee or poo and helping him afterwards by passing him loo roll/wipes after a poo.

    He loves all of the above too. I was scared to tell him when we were first tigether but I love him and he told me such personal stuff I wanted to return the favour. I was shocked and ecstatic when he said he was into all the same things too.

    We are normal, professionals, have children, hobbies. We only do our pee/poo stuff when they are out or away other than watch each other go to the toilet when in the bathroom together behind a locked door and the kids are asleep. It's no different to having a bath/shower together to us. Sometimes we pee on each other in bath/shower, sometimes we don't. It's not our whole s** life either; we have plenty of "normal" plain vanilla lovemaking and lots of hugs, snogs, cuddles etc. It's just one element of a beautiful relationship with my soulmate.

    Best of luck and I hope your girlfriend comes to enjoy it in time.

  • I have a similar fetish, EFRO, erotic female relief observance, mine also dates back to when I was a kid, also a long story, but as adults these things surface in different forms. You arent a freak or a weirdo, and you would be surprised as to how many men and women share the same kink or fetish. I would watch videos online, but sooner or later i found them to be quite boring, as there was no personal connection, so I then got into contact with women online, through dating sites etc, and after some chatting, sexual desires came up, I thought f*** it, im going to share my fetish with this woman and see her response, and I s*** you not <-- yes, that was intended, 8 times out of 10, women arent really bothered by it, and almost 6 times out of 10 they are happy to make videos and send them, they have even confessed that after making the videos and watching them, they too felt turned on.

  • Haha EFRO you c.u.n.t πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • I have EXACTLY that same fetish...

  • I'm a woman, and I resonate with much of what you've written. I too feel much shame about pooping, and as a result have developed this obsession with watching others p*** and being watched while I p***. Actually my biggest turn on is with hearing others p*** and having someone hear my plops. It embarrasses me and excites me at the same time. I enjoy pooping immensely and combined with my shame about pooping and about the pleasure I find in it, I now have a fetish.

  • I completely understand.i like watching women on the toilet and I like being watched.

  • I have a fetish where I'm turned on by a woman holding in all her $hit. I would love it if you could not p*** for 2 weeks straight. Do you think we could meet up for 2 weeks and you just not p*** at all that time? Its just so sexy to think that the food you ate 2 weeks ago would be rotting away in your intestines!

  • Let's be honest, there are worse, more degrading sexual desires. And honestly, as long as you're desires are to engage with a legal consenting adult in some way, and not some child fetish, don't be embarrassed. We cannot control our mind, and if it likes to visualize and fantasize about a woman dropping a loaf into your mouth, or filling a glass with p*** for you to drink with dinner, than so be it. there is nothing wrong with it.
    Now, if you were talking about enjoying cow patties, well, maybe that'd be crossing a line of sorts...

  • Omfg I cried of laughter when I read the first comment. No offense. It caught me by surprise, haha!

    Anyways, if your girlfriend is okay with it, I say you should be okay with it. It'd be a whole different story if you wanted to cheat on her or something straight up wrong.

    Instead, you just have a kink that is seen as gross to the public eye. Which, admit it, it IS gross. But hey, the more taboo something is, the more likely it'll become a closet-common fetish. It's funny how we get more and more curious about things, the less we're suppose to care about it.

    It sucks that your girlfriend isn't into 'performing' for you (and I totally would be the same if I were her LOL), but you can always just fantasize about it during s** or whatever.

    I have an embarrassing "taboo" turn-on that I'm still kind of in denial over, so I feel ya bro.

    We're all sick fucktards in one way or another, haha.

  • The fact that you used the word fucktards makes me know you're a guy 100%

  • OP here, thanks for the kind comment! I feel a bit less bad about myself after having read it, especially after the "fucktard" one. LOL. "We're all sick fucktards in one way or another", you're totally right. Good luck with your own taboo turn-on, hopefully you can find someone someday to share it with. Openness is incredibly liberating, even if you don't act the secret you confide in someone. I'm discovering that now after having come clean to my GF about this whole thing. And yes, I admit it, p*** is gross. Of all the fetishes to wind up developing why did mine have to involve something gross? Why couldn't it have been like... a fetish for hats or something. Sigh!

  • You are a sick fucktard

  • Guilty as charged. At least I'm aware of it and self-hating as a result!

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