He's Engaged

I am in love with a man who is engaged to another woman. It started off very innocent as a "work crush". It took almost 1 year for us to actually talk to each other. From that moment on, I started falling for him. He came to my house a few times and it was as though the attraction was so strong we couldnt keep our hands off of each other. This happened a few times. (I hadnt been with anyone else for 8 months before that.)
I told him how I felt and he insists he was not leading me on.
Now, he is very distant and seems to tolerate me because we work together and he doesnt want things to be awkward between us.
I cant help how I feel yet I am (fully aware) I am making a complete fool of myself.

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  • While I don't necessarily agree becoming an aquatic Olympic frog and spreading your legs all over the place. I do agree, on that new focal point with last commentator. He is engaged after all. Life goes by quicker than you think, so if in the end he decides to get with you, it will happen (if you still want it by then). Meanwhile live your live, go out and have fun. Just please, DO NOT BECOME A FROG for the sake of forgetting another man. You should not loose your sense of self for him or anybody,NEVER! Now, if swimming freely is what you are initially into, by all means "ribbit ribbit" on.

    --Take good & healthy care of yourself, because nobody will, if you don't.=)

  • You need another focal point. Go out and pick up some random guy, explain you want a no-strings fling, get yourself laid, let him spend the night. Then go out the next night and repeat. Do this four or five times. By then, you'll be so focused on the new sexuality that the work crush won't seem so bad. But the real reasons you'll be doing this are these. First, a woman who is getting laid regularly doesn't seem as clingy or needy. Or as edgy. If it's clear to your guy that you like him but don't need to get with him, he's going to feel more relaxed -- and himself -- around you, and then you'll be able to see if he's genuinely interested in the real you, not the you that looks (to him) needy. And second, after you've been out into the marketplace a few times, you very well may meet a guy who's even better than the work crush, whether or not that new guy is engaged or married or whatever. You seem like a great and really sexy girl, and you should have somebody in your life and between your legs....somebody who wants to be there.

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