So tell me, why do women feel the need

So tell me, why do women feel the need to 'play the victim'?

I break up with a girl and we've been in a relationship for a while...we both knew it was time for it to end, we've agreed about this, decided we'd still be cool with each other now that it's over.

Immediately, just days after we break up, she's complaining to her friends, talking about how she was torn to pieces, how I totally mis-treated her (in fact, I don't think I could have treated her any better, practically like a queen), etc...and I know she's just doing it to get sympathy from her friends, but in the process she's making me out to be a bad person.

Seriously, this kind of thing happens quite often, I see it in other relationships as well, and always from the female side. I don't mean to sound sexist, but this is just what I see from my experience. Is it REALLY necessary to do all that?

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  • Not all women,play the victims!! Within your experience,your ex did.But don't judge and stereotype the majority of; the female population,because of the one female minority lol :)
    I'm a woman and I never play the victim,regardless of,whatever situation I experience.

  • I thinkk your lucky that is all she is doing it could be much worse and we all know men think with their little head

  • yes the last comment is true.

  • There's also alot of guys who lie...and who do disrespectful and hurtful things without even realizing it because they are that self-absorbed

  • Why must some girls make us look so bad god there are a lot of girls that just lie and crap and its just stupid.

  • dont be stereotypical were not all like that.

  • OP:

    Poster 5: I'd love to, but I can't talk to her about it, she refuses to talk to me, just about me.
    Poster 4: I treated her pretty well. Always paid for dates, gave her 2 dozens roses on V-day, bought her quite a bit of jewelry, complimented her often. Maybe I was doing something, but I don't know what.
    Poster 6: We had broken up a while before, and she never got over that. Quite simply, I told her we'd have to go on fewer dates because I had a more hectic schedule, and after 3 days of refusing to speak to me, she told me she thought I didn't have time for her. x_x

    Granted, when I spoke to her after those 3 days, I wasn't all too kind. I felt very miffed when instead of talking it out, she chose to simply stop talking to me and boil over the issue. I understand that I had a role in why we broke up....however, I don't see why when she tells all her friends and mine, I'm absolutely the bad guy and she's just a victim of a mean boyfriend. To hear it from her, I wasn't going to see her for weeks at a time.

  • you left her.... she didnt leave you, so of course she isnt going to beg you to stay with her out of pity... so yes she told you everything was cool.... i would too if i didnt want the guy to just stay with me out of pity cause i was crying and he felt bad

  • she's hurt because you left her...she doesn't want to feel like it was her fault so she is trashing to her about it...see how she feels...

  • Maybe you thought you were treating her like a queen, and she is somewhat hurt, so she is bringing up everytime you hurt her, as a way to make herself get over the situation.

  • Trashing you is a coping method.

  • Yes typical Girl thing!, its probably her way of dealing with it, she gets sympathy which makes her feel better, sometimes its easier that way i guess.
    Most people know there's always two sides to a story.
    Take Care.

  • nope. im a girl mysef and I think its very uncool to lie. If u all were suppossed to be cool with each other,then she should have been that way. but that was way stupid.

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