Every day I get to class early to pull

Every day I get to class early to pull your desk closer to mine before you sit down.

I know you'll never look at me the same way but I keep trying anyway.

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  • If this is a girl DO NOT CHASE HIM. let him come to you. If he's not the one for you I GUARANTEE you theres someone even better out there for u. If this is a guy...your a creep lol.

  • AWWWWW, that is sweet!!!!!!!!! Talk to the person!

  • Sometimes nice guys get tired of waiting for fickle girls to come around, and that's when you end up with a VA Tech or Columbine because you f***** with our heads once too many times.

  • Trust me, nice guys do win in the end. I used to be one of those girls who only dated the ridiculously good looking guys in high school and college until I finally realized they are all the same - selfish jerks who expected from day one of the relationship for me to bend over backwards and change my entire life around for them. Well, luckily one of those "nice guys" who stood by being my friend the whole time is now my fiance...it means alot that he got to know me and was always there for me even when he watched me go through all those worthless guys. Not saying that every nice guy has to sit around and wait it out but i'm just saying i truely do believe that the nice guys always finish first in the end. You're the kind of guys that we end up with - not the ones who are in our past.

  • Get over it b****, he's not looking at you

  • Thats not true nice guys dont always win they lose a lot which sux.

  • omg why cant there be more nice, sweet guys out there.

  • Not true! Nice guys always win. Just give the good looking jerks time to lose all their hair, grow a gut, and be the single guy at the bar when their 40. Nice guys will always get the girl in the end.

  • i think this is so romantic i dont even have words for it.
    too bad us nice guys never win : /

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