Where do i go from here?

I have recently realized I have feelings for my psychology professor. He's actually about 8-9 years older than me (I'm 19). When I first met him, I noticed he had a wedding band on, so that restrained me. Besides, I knew as a student it is wrong, and he probably wouldn't be interestedin me anyway if I wasn't in his class. Over the months, I (along with other students) noticed his ring disappeared or that he didn't wear it all the time. Not once did he ever mention a wife, which confused us. My sister's boyfriend, a former student of his, found that odd and said he used to mention her in conversation before. Still, I tried not to think too much about it; I felt it wasn't my place to pry. Last week, I visited him to talk about a personal issue that had to do with the class. I suffer from acute anxiety and he wanted to know if I needed any extensions, tutorials, etc. I said I was fine since I'm passing with a pretty good grade. But he offered some advice anyway, and hoped that I followed through with treatment and my plans to be more open in the future about my anxiety with my family. He wished me well and I left feeling a bit better.
the point here is: I really like this man. He's smart, kind, and open minded. there's so much I want to know, but the semester is basically over. I might run into him whey now and then, but I want to see him more than that. But here is where I feel guilty. There are rumors that he's currently separated/going through a divorce. And I feel so horrible for wishing they are true. It makes me feel like a terrible person, because I know divorce is a serious issue. My own parents are divorced, and it really affected my dad's trust in people. I just don't know what to do or think right now. Maybe I'm just way too smitten that I can't think straight.

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  • Offer him support! that way both of you will have a connection, and you get to help him.
    You're here for him, he's here for you.
    YET, don't try to sexualize the relationship (yet). Wait until he has recovered or at least until he is a bit happy
    plus, there is nothing wrong with liking a teacher. You still have a shot!

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