im pregnant and still in high school

im pregnant and still in high school. my boyfriend is graduating/joining the air force. we'll probably break up. im not teling him about the baby AND im keeping it.

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  • Get a abortion and don't tell him. Secrets are easier to keep if you are the only one who knows.

  • You disgusting w****, you are so young, yet you have ruined your whole f****** life. Are you retarded ? You will be miserable, the money you will need to invest, the time. You think the guy that f***** you wants to take care of that w**** baby ? Like wow you f****** disgust me.
    If I was your dad I would disown you for being a irresponsible w****.

    You never heard of a condom ? Birth control ? F****** dumb s***

  • Congrats on keeping ur baby what u decide bout father up 2 u baby will b happiest thing n ur life good luck

  • Why did u let him come n ur p****

  • Keep your baby and keep your mouth shut. Time will sort things out.

  • avoid a future custody battle

  • you are wrong.It is selfish not to tell the father and then the child when he/she grows up you already suck as aparent.

  • Tell him. He deserves to know. Also, most military guys wanna get engaged anyway it seems like - whether or not their girlfriend is pregnant. They have wedding fever for some reason...well just cuz they make more money if they're married and have kids. But still, you should tell him.

  • Better yet i have a idea for you...
    Abort the baby, put in a plastic bag, set it on fire and leave it on his front porch

  • This girl is doing the right thing why do u advise her 2 kill her baby

  • That child wants to know his/her father and by you keeping that child away from him your child might grow up and resent YOU for it!

  • And by the way-YES- the military will find out- they do FULL and EXTENSIVE background checks, especially when he needs to obtain clearance for certain jobs. That includes interviewing old friends, teachers and neighbors like they did for my husband's job. If your bf finds out about the child and tries to keep it a secret and doesn't come forward on his own- they will nail him even harder. They do not play games. Their Airmen are supposed to be models of moral behavior- you can even get disciplined for getting a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. So be sure of what you're doing.

  • you need to say something because this can seriously s**** up your bf's career in the military. If you were to change your mind and tell him or if he found out from a friend of a friend after he joins, the military will rake him over the coals for having a child he is not paying child support for- regardless if he didn't know about it or not. It's ironic but the military is very strict about the moral conduct of their Airmen. They don't care what he knew or when he knew it. So if you're going to do this you either tell him now or you tell him NEVER so his s*** doesn't get screwed up in the long run. If you decide to tell him and he still joins, the military WILL make sure he's taking care of his children or else they will kick him out. This is not fun and games this is HIS life and your CHILD'S well being we're talking about here. Be real- be a good mom and be an adult. Your kid is counting on YOU. ~A military wife~

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