26 yr/old female with controlling mother

I'm 26 with a mother who is overly controlling and never seems to be proud of me or happy for me. No matter what I do I'm not good enough and if I don't do exactly what she wants she will just dig and dig until I give in ( example I can't even begin to count how many men I have dumped because I couldn't take her talking s*** anymore). I have to live with her while I'm in school due to financial reasons and I hate it. She is always telling me what a f*** up I am even though I did four honorable years in the Navy right after high school, I help out around the house, and I'm graduating next semester from my university with a job already lined up. Her reason as to why I'm a f*** up? Because i'm divorced and have a boyfriend. Apparently my achievements don't matter to her, just my relationships.

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