Spanked by my Sugar Daddy

I'm a sophomore in college. I'm also a Sugar Baby. I get spanked by my Daddy. I was recruited last semester by a friend who was graduating. She was his sugar baby before me. She took me over to his house and we both got spanked that day. When he let us in she said "We've been naughty little girls, we're here to take our medicine". It really hurt and we both had to get completely undressed so it was kind of embarrassing. She bent over a chair with her hands on the seat and her behind in the air. He worked her over with a paddle until she was bright red all over. I went over his lap in the bad girl position, also got paddled until I was pretty red (all 4 cheeks if you know what I mean). But he will give me money, buy me things and let me drive his car while I'm in school. I'm going over for my first solo spanking of the year, I'm pretty nervous about it.

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  • You need a married man to take care of you. That way, he's got a LOT more to lose than you. Condo, car, clothes are the Three C's of sugar. I've had three babies in the last seven years, and all have been happy. VERY happy. You could add tuition to the Three C's, or whatever else you can negotiate with your man. Or -- dare I say it? -- your MEN. Good luck, darling. You'll do well.


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  • So sexy. I'm middle aged man. Wife's left me. So I'm basically a lonely looser. I have just bought a decent sized house within bicycle distance to the University.

    I've spoken at length with several lawyers to find out what I can get away with.

    I'm taking to two young women about joining me in my house in a daddy Daughter kind of relationship. On my side I'll pay their tuition. I'll provide them witha car and food and pocket money.

    On their side they agree that I approve their clothes and they will wear short skirts in a kind of uniform that i have selected. They agree I can spank them and paddle them leaving bruises.

    They can opt out at any time and the moment they say so I stop all control and spanking. I agree that they keep their tuition payment and they have 2 weeks to move out and in that time they will continue to be fed here if they want but they immediately loose the use of their car but they get access to $500 to assist with moving say to use uber to find a new place.

  • And I meant to say, I do not have s** with them. Spanking is over undies. I can not force them to undress below bra and panties.

  • I presume he also has s ex with you, and that it is not just about spanking you. If you enjoy that sort of thing, keep doing it. I think most guys would love to watch you or paddle you themselves. I'm not into hurting girls but this sounds like a real turn on.

    Put cream on your butt when he is done so it won't hurt so much afterwards. Not sure what you mean by "all 4 cheeks" - it it your a ss and p ussy lips or the cheeks on your face and your a ss. (By the way you can avoid the censorship on this site by putting a space after the first letter of words like s ex and f uck and the comments will post as is.


  • I wish i could meet you in your school bus and fingered your soft creamie ass

  • Ur a bad girl, now go to MY room

  • I’d love a young bad girl to spank her young a***

  • How young....

  • What about after spanking session is done , you need to prepare those cheeks for another day so here is a little hip cheek massage that i can offer you, i will massage it with my juice while j*** off squeezing them. Deal..

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