So after s** last night My girlfriend rolled over on her back and said "so baby, what would you do if we had a baby?" I said. "I don't know I'd take care of it I guess." would you be happy? She asked. Well if we had one in the future like 10 years from now like when we're 26 yeah but not now. I said. Oh she sighed then she rolled over onto her side of the bed. I started spooning her then I realized she was crying. I kissed her neck and pulled her tighter then my head started spinning and my heart started to pound.'re not... are you pregnant? I was afraid to hear the answer because I knew what it was now that she was crying. She turned around to face me then burrows her head in my chest and said I'm sorry! But then continued to cry...
I'm 16 she's 16
I'm supposed to be getting a football scholarship next year for pennstate. She's supposed to be graduating and going to NYU as a medicine major next year. Her dad hates me because I'm white and our parents don't even know we have s**.
I don't know how I'm gonna do this but some how I have to find a way to take care of our baby. She assumed i'd want her to abort it, but I would never kill my baby. I keep telling her that it's gonna be ok and I'm gonna stay with her no matter what, but I still feel like we're ruining our lives by bringing another into the world.

Oct 8, 2010

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  • My girl asked me if I'd ever tried the 'other' hole.
    I told her I didn't want a load of screaming kids around the house.

  • abort. worry about yourself until you can care for a baby.

  • Well sweetie baby is a blessing and the joy to your heart. I know how you feel my boyfriend white and I'm asian so you can see how hard that is for me. I am 33 years olds and my parents still gives me s***. We got married before the baby was born, my parents didin't show up to the wedding.When my parents saw her for the first time nothing matters to them. It was that little girl that stolen their heart and thing's seem easy now. Hang in there a baby can break or make you stronger. Our baby change our lifes but for the best...wish you luck

  • Well, if her parents are p***** because your white... then chances are, their not white...which means that baby probably isn't yours. No worries.

  • abort it

  • woowww. why would you say that? what if someone aborted you?

  • guy, i think you should approach both families very maturely and sit them down and explain how seroiuse you guys are with this baby. im glad you arnt aborting the baby btu be prepared because it is alot of work... in the end it will all be worth it. good luck buddy... p.s congratulations!!!

  • You need to talk to your parents.... There has to be a place that you guys can get help.... Just remember treat her right. Good luck!

  • I'm glad you said " i wont kill my baby."
    best of luck.

  • Well to kill the baby it would have to be born, I'm glad to hear he wouldn't kill it either.

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