im an 19 year old guy.i have a

im an 19 year old guy.i have a wonderful girlfriend and i love her with all my heart, she makes me happier than i have ever been, and we are really inseperable.

i guess my problem is tat i have only had one major relationship before this one, and she really really messed me up, beat me up, and cheated on me for over a year, openly, before she dumped me, but i didnt wana leave her, im just not that sorta guy, if i commit to something i commit 100%,

my problem now is that i know my new girlfriend is totally different and would never do that too me, but there must have been a reason, is it me? am i that s*** a boyfirend? i just want to do right by her, but im scared that im not good enough and that the same will happen again, that and i now have realll issues trusting anyone, even when i do trust her,theres always a lil bit of me thats scared, and i feel bad, cos i know it snot the thought of her thats makin me scared, its the thought of me not being good enough.

i hide this 24/7, i dont want to push her away, i really do love her, i want to propose in the next year.... just scared i guess,

any advice?

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  • Talk to her about these things you're feeling. Sounds like you're a really considerate guy and I think you really do love this girl and if she loves you that much also then she would probably want to help you resolve all these issues. But she can't help you unless you open up to her. It shouldn't scare her away. But also dont come across as too insecure cuz that's really unattractive. You do need to resolve all this stuff though because otherwise she is going to pick up on these vibes from you and it's just going to confuse her and push her away because she's gonna see that you're insecure and constantly worried about not being good enough and eventually she could get that idea in her head herself

  • Introduce her to beastliality she'll love you more for it

  • You sound like a great guy. It's easier said than done, but you should really put the past behind you. I'm in a similar situation and am still trying to get over being cheated on. It's tough, but it sounds like you have a great relationship. Don't rush into marriage though. Take your time, talk to your girlfriend about your fears, and maybe even consider talking to a counselor or therapist. The last one might sound silly to you, but I really think it might help. Think about it. :)

  • You sound like a really sweet guy and none of what happened in ur previous relationship was any of ur fault. Don't beat urself up because of it. Does ur gf know about any of this. I think u should talk to her about it. I think that would be a wonderful idea to ask her to marry u but i think u should put everything on the table first.

  • I would be just as scared as you, pal...but don't make the decide you want to marry her until you've been with her long enough for those feelings to be minor afterthoughts. If that stuff stays with you long enough, you will become jealous and the relationship will go South. You need to learn how to deal with how you view yourself-you're not that bad after all...

    Oh, and people don't die when they lose their girlfriend/boyfriend. It happens all the time. Sometimes it is a strength to be able to let go when you need to. I see you didn't have that strength in your last relationship.

  • Don't f*** up your life.
    Don't marry her.

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