I like You! Don't you get it!?!?

I have never experienced love before, and in truth i don't think i really know what love is, since were still young. But what i do know is the feelings i have for you are the closest thing to love that I have ever felt. Every day i look forward to going to school, just because i might see you there (thats actually why i have perfect attendance ^_^). I don't know if you have noticed me staring into your eyes in advisory, or when i glance over at you every chance i get in 4th, i don't know if you have noticed my fondness for you, or how i gave you that nickname not to taunt you, but more so i could give you a special name i can call you by.
I adore your soft Brown hair, those beautiful Hazel eyes and most of all you, its you that i like the most, your personality, how incredibly smart you are, your little quirks and gestures, everything. Your always in my mind, never to leave, if i were to speak from my heart i would say that i love you, and i hope to one day be held in your embrace. Im not sure if i should be happy that we are friends, or sad, because thats probably all that we might ever be. Just know that i just want to make you happy, and to make you feel loved. I love you J!


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  • I liked u and i got it crabs

  • Why don't you say something? If its a no then you can move on. Maybe it'll be yes though. Guys are not very intuitive, so he may never notice unless you put yourself out there.

  • well, ima a guy also, im bi(in the closet) but the trouble is idk if hes straight or not, hes never dated or had any sort of relationship/intimate moment with a girl before nor anyone for that matter, and well i just get this feeling, like a little nudge that tells me he might actually like me back, i just really dont know, what if hes like me? bi and in the closet, everyone thinks im straight, what can i do short of telling him and possibly ruining our friendship all together?

  • Well, I guess that makes things a bit different. Probably step one would be to come out. You may not be ready to even have a relationship until you put all the cards on the table. So, I guess before you go after him, be straight (pun not intended) about who you are. So, tell him you're bi, but don't do the double whammy and tell him you like him at the same time. See how it goes.

    Also, it sounds like you're in high school. I remember everything just being so agonizing and I was terrified about alientating or scary people away. The truth is that now I don't hardly talk to anyone from my hometown. So be brave, take some risks because even if you do ruin your friendship, chances are you'll probably drift apart in a few years anyways. Might as well take a chance.

  • haha you go to school

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