I dont think I can love anyone else but him.

I swear its killing me, I am 14 years old. I know thats young but i am very mature for my age. I have been liking this guy for a year now and were close friends, he used to have a girlfriend but not anymore. He always knew that I liked him but after him and his gf broke up i thought it would finally be my chance. he never told me that he was sorta intrested or even gave me a hint so I thought i would have to move on, I went out with one of his friends because me and him went out before and i knew that he liked me so i went for it, It didnt work out. I fell back in love with him. But he couldnt ever get over his ex gf, He is still not over her. I dont think he'll ever want me. My friends say to give up on him, but i cant. I will always have feeling for him always. and i know it sounds bad but i have a boyfriend now and the relationship is great he treats me like a princess but i still have feelings for the other guy. thats my true and honest thoughs.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Dumb little girls ALWAYS think they're more mature than they are.

    That's the curse of how we evolved-- we think just because our bits have started working that we're grown-up now. No. Your brain is still underdeveloped, and will be until around age 25.

    Science aside, you're a willful little idiot who's all hormones and mouth and no f****** brains.

  • get him in your bedroom, take off you clothes, have oral s**, straight s** and then let him f*** you in your ass and suck the nipples off your t***. He'll be yours forever

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