I recently ran into an old friend. We

I recently ran into an old friend. We never dated because the timing was always wrong (He was single when I was in a relationship, then when I was single, he was married). Now he's single again and I am happily married with three kids.

The problem? I can't stop thinking about him, and concocting ways to see him again. I know I should put the energy into my marriage, but I seem lost in sexual and romantic fantasies about my old friend.

My husband is wonderful and we have a happy life and good s** life. Still, I am heartsick.

And feeling guilty.

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  • Sweetheart, the cost is too great. This other guy is just a real man with very real imperfections just like you, me, your husband etc. Your fantasy of him is as good as he'll ever be because no man can live up to our unrealistic romantic notions! That's why they're called Fairy Tales. He isn't better, he's just a diversion from the reality of responsibility and the monotony of life. When men have an affair, it's usually for s**. When women have an affair it's to try and fill an emotional void. Tell your husband you're feeling emotionally vulnerable and/or tell someone who can hold you accountable. I highly recommend telling your husband though. It's the quickest way to put this fire out before it consumes you and destroys your family. The cost is too great.

  • You people are talking about this woman as if she actually cheated, which she did not. I agree with the first comment. Is this man really worth it? If you can't stop thinking about him, cut him out of your life, sweetie, for good!

  • Lmao @ big head ass kids!!! LMAO!!!

  • lol yes!! f*** us men!! lol

  • Its totally wrong how men think of women. Men are the biggest s**** around the world, yet they want to blame it all on women becase we are better than them. ANd yes, we are. WE birth your big head ass kids, and WE take care of them. SO F*** men.

  • yeah exactly, if women feel this way but dont actually act on it they are whores, but if men have s** with like 10 women then nobody cares or they think they're awesome.

  • It's funny how when men go around acting like whores they are rarely called such. When men do it they're "pimps" or "players" but when women do it, and even sometimes when they do it to the same guys who are out there f***** around, they get called whores!

  • commenter #7 ur really harsh. and i agree with commenter #6

  • why ty =) (im commenter #5)

  • And commenter #6 is a F**!!
    This Worthless b**** should've been aborted at birth and the fetus should've been thrown in a blender and force the mother to watch!

  • Commenter #1 knows nothing, #2 is wise, # 3 is a waste of life, #4 isn't much better than #3, and #5 tells it like it is.

    I also realize that reprobates will rail against #6 (me), but that'll just prove they're reprobates.

    To the poster, your feelings will pass. Picture what your children would think if you did the unthinkable. Don't make the same mistake that so many make and only have regrets and heartache to show for it.

  • Ok fourth commenter you are wrong i mean yeah there are a lot of women who cheat and stuff but theres more men that do that. Why dont u look somewhere for that info before u make assumptions.

  • I swear women are the most low down lying, slutty, cheaters ever. Men are saints complared to you f****** whores.

  • go for it b**** you know you want his hot sweaty c*** in your c***.....
    go for it.......
    come on b**** do what your supposed to do, take a golden shower in the face then when you done greet your family with hugs and kisses you prutid f****** animal !

  • Don't underestimate your relationship with your husband. The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence but it rarely actually is. Fantasies are just that - fantasies. In the real world, are you sure this man is worth breaking up your family for? I might encourage you to explore your feelings for him if your marraige was on the rocks, but as things are I say open your eyes to what you have before it's too late and you've lost everything.

  • Life is to short, go for it lady.

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