Lucky Little cousin...

I have Been single for my whole life and I'm starting college now. Not until last week I discovered my 13 year old cousin has a boyfriend! He's 5 months older than her and they already make out! She brought him to a family party and all my cousins were laughing at me because I have no one. It's just not fair... I get scared that I will never find my one true soulmate. My younger sister has dated 5 guys! I guess I'm not meant to be in this relationship stuff. All my friend have boyfriends and I'm just there single as always. Any tips to get a Boyfriend? Please?!

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  • Go to a boy u like tel him ul give him oral or s** without condom if he b ur boyfriend u cant get pregnant the first time

  • Im a guy so i should be able to help. Guys want a girl who is willing to open up to him. A guy wants a girl that isn't about s** right away and a girl who will love every second you guys are together. Just try to get to know a guy. Talk to him. Some guys like a girl will tease them. If u see a guy looking at u and smiling at u that means he might like u. Try to play hard to get but not to hard. Bite your lip or maybe walk by him a few times and smile. Just be yourself

  • Hang out with boys wear short skirts low shirts perfume let them know u want c***

  • Maybe u are shy u need 2 talk to guys ask them can u do anything for them your sister has a great name for taking care of boys needs u should b the same

  • "Your whole life" tut tut!! I'm assuming you're 18.18 years isn't your whole life.
    If and when you reach an age of 90

  • If you ever try and get a partner simply because everyone else has one, then it will never work out and you will both get hurt. You need to choose someone who you already have genuine feelings for and just try to hang out with them more.

    Hang out with them with other groups and hang out with them outside I hose groups. If you don't have any feelings for anyone, that's completely fine.

    If anyone thinks your weird or they 'accuse' you of no having a partner, then they can go and f*** themselves! It's really none of their business!

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