I am left handed

I am proud to be left handed but i have a problem with people acting like being left handed is a damn disease. when people ask me how does it feel to be left handed, i get p***** off would you like it if i asked you how it feels to right handed, because to tell you the truth you being right handed is just as foreign to me as me being left handed is to you. yeah i use a different hand from you so damn what, there are other people out there who are just as different in other ways but i don't see you making all that big a deal about it. yes being left handed makes me different and i don't mind that at all, because being left handed is what makes up a part of me, but it is not all of me and i need people to stop acting like it is.

Aug 7, 2013

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  • I'm ambidextrous. How do you feel about that 1? lol I like it. I think it's cool

  • Oh, for the love of God........get over yourself. Nobody gives a half a s*** what hand you write with or j*** off with. If they are asking, it's because they want to talk with you or know you better or extend whatever contact is happening at the moment, although for the life of me, I can't imagine why anybody would want to know more about someone who misreads people so completely.

  • What part of that didn't you understand? It's OTHER people having a problem with OP's lefthandedness. Moron.

    Little kids will take the smallest, most inconsequential quirk and turn it into a huge deal, tormenting the kid in question for YEARS if the quirk is interesting enough. Adults are the same way, the only difference is that kids haven't learned about filters yet.

    I recommend directing your pissy little rant to people who demand that the rest of the world worship them for being anything other than straight and binary. Now there's a group of people who seriously need to get the f*** over themselves! There is so much more to a person than their sexuality, but such people can't function without blaring their preference du jour and verbally assaulting anyone who doesn't respond with adoration.

  • I'm a lefty too. The only known lefty in my family. Nobody knows where I got it. All of my siblings, parents, grandparents, extended family are righties.

    It's kind of a harmless quirk about me. I enjoy being a lefty. I feel like I'm ~special~ lol. When people point it out, I'm proud. I always notice on TV or in movies when someone is left-handed. Did you know that Link from the Legend of Zelda series is a lefty? [Not counting the wii games, they decided to completely flip the entire game - seriously - to make Link a righty so as not to confuse the poor righties. Lol. As if people like us don't deal with exactly that kind of thing just fine every day.]

    Also, the QWERTY keyboard just so happens to be set up much better for left handed folk. It just ended up that way. Cool huh?

  • I am left handed and I hate when people point it out also. Every j****** right-hander who told me to celebrate left-handers day I told them to go f*** themselves. Left handed people don't acknowledge what hand people use because most are right handed who gives a flipping s***. Just enjoy that this world is made for right handers and you don't have to worry about having the spiral on your notebook s******* up your handwriting buttheads.

  • Today (August 13) is left-handers day. http://now.msn.com/left-handers-day-photos-about-growing-up-left-handed Enjoy it!

  • You're in good company: http://lefthand.wikia.com/wiki/Famous_left_handers And both of my parents are lefties, and my brother and I are both right. No big deal. Maybe when someone asks what it's like to be left, say.. I've never thought about it..what does it feel like to be right handed? Maybe you're being too sensitive about it or projecting what people will think before they do so. In the bigger scheme of it all..most people can't remember what someone wore last Tuesday, ate for breakfast and most won't remember which hand you write with.

  • I know someone who is left handed and I'd never ask her "how does it feel to be left handed". I think it's cool, but I wouldn't judge all of her just because she is left handed. It doesn't have anything to do with my overall view of her. A lot of people are stupid in different ways

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