Im scared of men

Now ill say this honestly i think men are sexy as all get out. they are beautiful, their bodies and the way look, and i can appreciate all of that, but when im on the streets and one of them tries to talk to me im scared out of my f****** mind. its like all of the things they could do to me flashes through my mind at that moment and i want to get away from them as fast as i can. i find myself acting extra cautious around them, and cant seem to open up. i think it's because of the neighborhood i grew up in, but other than that i might become one of those people who just watches p***. loves to look but afraid to touch.

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  • The way to overcome many fears is to learn more about the subject that you fear.

    You could try learning about men and masculinity. Not from women, but from men themselves. Read up about the men's rights movement, fatherhood, and typical male interests. Such studies may assist you in understanding men and masculinity and help dispel any irrational fears.

  • Sounds like some kind of past trauma. Consider counselling. You don't want to live the rest of your life without ever getting close to a man.

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