The state of mind that I am in now no one is responsible it's all my mind works.
No doubt is there in my mind about your love,how can I explain you what I am going through when I am also not getting it correctly...it's not numbness or emptiness I am blank..I know you are there right away but I don't want to reach,its not testing time also but one thing that I feel inside is a give up call I want to stay far from everything as if I want everyone to forget my existence.i think pain of loneliness is only gift I achieved..I don't know it's hitting me hard that may be very soon I might leave every place ..but I even don't want to hurt anyone..I don't know how I landed in this frame of mind ..Trust me I am still trying to get off from the chaos but an uncanny calmness has enveloped me that doesn't allow me to take a leap.
It's not a goodbye nor different hello it's a game of cold heart where bothways I am loser ...I am not crying cos I can feel the firmness yet I find myself standing alone without wanting to hold any hand ..I didn't intend to find myself here font know what brought me here it killed me from inside and this time the depth is too much to be filled..
Don't spoil your moments wasting when I can't understandmyself you are no one to fix me....

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  • I want to puck your fussy.

  • All this fuss for nothing! Instead of fussing, learn to live. Each day is a gift, make it count.

  • Kill yourself.

  • Thanks for your advice but I think more than me you need advice and counseling

  • Solves everything.

  • Stop dwelling in the negatives. Stop acting like every little bump in the road is causing trauma. Stop looking back, you give too much attention to pain and events from the past. Get a hold of yourself, fill your head with positive thoughts. And pray!

  • Thanks,if you think I act then definitely I act and act well that is why I recd so many accolades.
    I was willing to march forward but you know before I could get hold of myself my heart once again betrayed..I will pray def that I garner more strength and will power..

  • Find divine intervention.

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