Wife turning tricks

My wife and I both lost our jobs in the economic down turn. We went through our savings in a few months and were going to lose our home. She actually came up with the idea of escorting and after some research got with a group out of St Louis. She works 2 to 3 weekends a month and makes more money than both of us did before losing our jobs. I'm always with her and have had to innerving a couple of times but she now has a regular clientele that she stays with. She was and is a shy and demure woman with an air of class that attracts, lets say a more reserved client. although she has had several foursomes with three guys and her and last month a threesome with a man and his wife. and one, well you might as well call it a gang bang with some executives from McDonnell Douglas. She remains the love of my life and the sexiest woman I have ever met.

Aug 25, 2013

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  • My wife worked for an upscale escort service while in college. She is a professional now making good money. However, she sill turns a trick now and then. It pays for our lavish vacations in Europe.

  • My wife enjoys "dates" such as dinner with another man. It makes her feel younger and more desirable. With her it is not about the s** but the money. I am ok with this scene, in fact I have set her up with a few dates. She meets them at a upscale hotel where she is getting known, no problem as long as she is with or meets the john. In fact we sometimes go to the hotel for dinner they acknowledge her but never me!!! She was a call girl/escort, worked a regular job but needed cash to support her 3 kids, no support from ex husband. She had mentioned about doing this part time and I said do it.She is very particular about who she dates, she will not "date" blacks.

  • My wife turns tricks as a escort, started 2 years ago after she met a black man one night in a lounge when I was out town. She told me about it and what she did with him. I did not get upset or mad. Now when ever I have to be out of town she calls him to arrange dates for her black white to does not matter. She makes 250.00 per hour, she gives him 100.00 keeps 150.00 plus any tips.

  • My wife worked in a brothel called the Meditation Station in Bellevue,Washington for four years. She said she would not have done it without my encouragement. She also turned tricks as a call girl/escort.
    Some of her johns thought it was very weird that she was doing that as a married woman. But, a number of the whores she work were also married to husbands who approved of their activities. She also came do do some gang bangs and other promiscuous things or free.
    It was the hottest thing ever...I thought it was all fantastic.

  • We just paid off a condo in Mexico and we plan on retiring in 2 yrs one of her clients and his wife told us about the condo.

  • I've been in a similar boat. I've been hooking my wife for the past 4 years. She's made a lot of money f****** high ranking executives on wall street. We have a pretty busy schedule with all the regular clients. One of my wife's friends also takes some of the clients. My 18 year old daughter is our reservations specialist and says that soon she wants to turn tricks too. I've tried to talk her out of it but wants to take on some of my wife's clients.

  • Always with condom

  • Good for both of you and if you don't mind strangers f****** her and she doesn't mind them f****** either then all the better, does she let them f*** her bareback or has them wear a condom ?

  • She made $90,000 last year. We have paid everything off and have invested. She only entertains regulars at this point and our plan is for both of us to retire in the next 5 years

  • Does she make good money , we have talk about it too,do you go with her and do you f*** her after they bang her at home if so how does it feel love to know more .

  • That's f***** up dude your an ass way to be a man and take care you your family a****** ...letting your wife f*** strangers because you cant get a job ..wow..

  • Wife going to leave you soon or later for sure

  • Thats fucken hot

  • Wow I'd like to f*** her

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