My boyfriend & his ex...

This all started in around November...My bestfriend liked this boy, that i thought he was pretty cute too. i didnt like him, but i thought he was nice enough to be with my bestie. Sh asked me "he asked me to be his girlfriend, should i say yes? unless you like him, then..." i just told her to go for it, & be happy. They went out for 3 then she left to Mexico for Spring Break & came back. But my bestfriend didnt come back. A new, cool, full-of-herself brat came back. She was so conceited just because her boyfriend was part of the 'in' crowd. She changed soo much, i wasnt the only one who noticed. Right when she was at the top, she confessed to me that she was starting to lose feelings for her boyfriend. So they broke up. They were together for 4 months. Me & her ex were cool. We kept talking, cuz he was actually a really great guy. 2 months after their break up, he tells me he thinks he's ready for another relationship.
& he asks me out.
i say yes, & tell my bestfriend (his ex) & she was cool with it. To this day, we still are going out, but theres just one problem. My bestfriend (his ex) still talks,laughs,says "friendly" 'i love yous', & hangs out with him. but this isnt any sort-of 'hang out'
They go to the pool, planned on going to the movies, but didnt, & she still talks about him behind my back.
The thing i hate the most, is that whenever me & my boyfriend sit next to each other, she's there & is always annoying. She says to him 'im not talking to you anymore, your mean' *turns away and covers face with paper* JUST so he can worry over her.
She also pokes him & says 'You & _________ make a cute couple..'
My friend lives with her, & she says that his ex still likes him. What p***** me off, is that she acts like we're so cute together, & then goes off in her feelings about it.
ALSO, she posts things like "still feeling this emotion" or "#mixedfeelings" or "i know i shouldnt feel this way, but i cant stop thinking about you." on twitter & facebook.
Now that she see's that my boyfriend is happy with me & not her, she wants to get him back. She's so irritating...
Please Please Pleaseee comment somthing i should do. This has been going on for too long, & i really wanna punch her in the face!
Should i talk to her? or him? or maybe just beat the h*** out of her & tell her to back off my manss!
jk, not bout that life. but i could be when it comes to him..

Jun 8, 2012

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