I pee in my hotel room

Don't know why I do it. But every time I stay in a hotel, I pee on the carpet somewhere in the room. It feels so liberating to have a full bladder, and to just let go in such a place that is so wrong to do it in. I have found it pretty much dries up by morning, so as not to alert the maid.

I got married a few years ago, and have not had the nerve to let my hubby know about this guilty pleasure. When me and my hubby are staying in a hotel, I wait for him to get in the shower (which he likes to do first thing in the morning), I then pull out the arm chair or side table, squat on the carpet there and release my morning pee, then pull the chair or table back in place to hide the wet spot on the carpet. Gets me so hot. Usually I grab him when he gets out of the shower for some hot morning s** (is there anything better?).

I apologize to everyone. I wish I could control myself because I know its wrong.

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  • You're not alone, I've done it for years. I joked with my then new husband one morning as he was waiting desperately for me to finish in the bathroom, apologizing but then saying he could have just peed on the floor. He inquired if I was serious and said he wouldn't mind. I said, sure, go ahead and watched as he did. Very turned on I squatted down and did the same and we've done so ever since.

  • I wish I was lying under your p****, licking your c***, drowning in your p***... we’d soak the bed... I’d rub your p*** all over my p****....

  • Holy

  • I pee in the sink at work.

    Like your idea of doing it in hotel rooms tho!!

  • I wish I had the guts to take a naughty pee on the carpet in a hotel room. I really really want to but I don't want to get in trouble!

  • I pee in my yard all the time. Know my one neighbor, Bob, has seen me a few times, but really don't care...It's almost a habit now. When I pee in my bathroom toilet, I'm surprised that I peed inside instead of out.

  • I must admit that I to share in your guilty pleasure. Ever since I was a young girl I have been sexually aroused by peeing in naughty places. Like you, when ever I stay in a hotel room I can't resist the urge to pee on the carpet. I find it to be an intoxicating mix of sexuality and naughtiness. If I'm alone I will usually pee on the carpet 2 or 3 times but if I'm staying with someone I usually only pee once either after they have fallen asleep or if they the shower or left the room. It's great to know that there is other women out there like me

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